MOON Cafe’s MOON Tower Burger / ハンバーガー

Cruisin’最新号の裏表紙にCruisin’誌 初のハンバーガーの広告。
It’s the first time for Cruisin Magazine to have a hamburger ad on their back cover of the latest issue of Cruisin! It looks incredibly tasty too!
Well, today I will take you behind the scenes and show the process of how it was created.

MOON Cafeの看板メニューのハンバーガーのTopに君臨するMOON Tower Burger(MTB), 高さは15cm位あり、肉は何と1ポンド(約500g)。Dean MOON Burgerに使うパテを4枚ですから凄いボリュームです。そのMTBを広告に出す為には まず写真を取らなければいけません。

Reigning at the top of all hamburgers on the main menu at MOON Cafe is the MOON Tower Burger (MTB). It has a height of about 15cm (6 inches) and the meat along is about 1 pound (500g) using 4 Dean MOON Burger patties, so it has quite the volume. In order to advertise the MTB, the first thing that will be needed is the right photo.

ここで登場するのがMOON Space Agence(MSA-広告部)のPan君。
彼はMOON Cafe関連の仕事が大好きです。なぜならば彼は何と撮影で使った物は全部彼の胃袋に入ってしまう仕組みを作り上げたのです。写真を撮る、そして食べる、このパターンです。ですからお腹がすくとCafeの仕事を無理やり作り何か作ってもらい、撮影し、食べているので こんなに体がパンパンになってしまったのでPan君と呼ばれるようにもなりました。
That’s where we bring in, from the MOON Space Agency (MSA Advertising Department), staff member Pan. He loves to handle all the MOON Cafe advertising work. The reason is, he has inside connections so everything that’s made and used for the photo shoot ultimately ends up in his stomach. Take a picture, then eat it, that’s his pattern. So when he gets hungry, he forcibly gets work from the Cafe, takes pictures, then eats. That why his body is “PAN-PAN”, a term in Japan meaning “about to burst”. Pan is also his nickname.

After the MTB photo shoot, thinking everything was fine, he came up with a reason about something not being right about the first MTB (it was obvious that he wanted to eat two!). After ordering the second MTB and taking a second round of photos, it was discovered that the remaining MTB from the first order was still on his desk.

この時はまだかなりガッついていましたがMTBのボリュームにさすがにPan君もギブアップ。取っておいた2個目は、さめきってしまったにも関わらず近くに座り ずーとその2個目の行方を気にしていたGaku君に譲ったのでした。
At the time, he looked like he wanted to keep it all but the MTB volume was just too much even for Pan, so he gave up. However, the whole time, another staff member, Gaku, was monitoring the whereabouts of the second MTB and eventually, it was turned over to his hands.

こんな大食漢のPan君でも2つは食べれないMOON Tower Burgerに挑戦してみませんか?
MOON Cafeでお待ちしています。
Even a big eater like Pan couldn’t get to the second MOON Tower Burger. Would you like to take the challenge?
If you are interested in the price for this burger, it’s 3,675 yen with tax.
It will be waiting for you at MOON Cafe.

え? 何 「仕事だから仕方ないだって」
The MTB sitting on the plate in this image was put together today for this blog post. So he’s eating another one today.
What’s that? “It’s part of my job” ?

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