Show 無事終了 MOONEYES Street Car Nationals

The weather, which had been really bad until the day before, cleared up with sunny skies on the 26th (Sunday) for the 23rd Annual Street Car Nationals which successfully completed without any incidents.

It was great that the skies cleared up with the only issue being the very strong winds that easily blew tents (canopies) away and even some products so it probably made it difficult for many swap meet shops. This year was the first time the event was held in such a large area and having to walk the entire area for Award selection was literally an exhausting experience.

スタッフも体力勝負、MOONEYES Fun君はNITROでエナジー補給です。
It was also a test of one’s own strength for many of the staff, including Mooneyes Fan who had a bottle of NOS energy drink.

In the blazing sun, the strong winds, and in such a large space this year’s event was a full workout. It feels a lot like a Reunion (of alumni) each year because there are so many people at SCN that I don’t see any other time. For 23 years, being able to meet with acquaintances at SCN is a big part of the enjoyment. In the afternoon out by the gate watching traffic control of the outgoing vehicles, the scene on the street right in front was not the usual Japanese street. It wasn’t just the cars, but the lighting, the greenery, and even the air, the feeling was something like Australia’s Gold Coast perhaps.

Why Australia, you might think? Well, some factors like

Cars drive on the left,

There are many old Japanese cars there,

(窓がガーンとあいたコロナのハードトップ、強い日差し中、気持良さそうです。好きな1台です。:The 1967 Toyota Corona with the large picture windows, in the bright sun it must have been real nice. I like this one.)

3、Hot Rod やCustomが走っている
They have a lot of Hot Rods and Customs too,

(この写真なんか光とか車とかまったく日本には見えません!でもタオル頭に巻く人はHot Rod圏では見た事ありませんかやはり日本ですね。:This photo for some reason, maybe the lighting or the cars, does not look like Japan! But on the other hand, I’ve only seen towels wrapped around someone’s head like that in Japan.)

Lastly, the weather was the deciding factor. The way the sun was shining. I’m glad I was at the gate to see it.

(交通整理中、おもむろにテイッシュを出すMr. Blue(写真左):Handling traffic control duties, gently taking out a tissue, is Mr. Blue (photo left))


今度、退職した人達でMOONEYES OB会でも企画しましょう!
We received a lot of help from many people this year too. In particular, we got a lot of old MOONEYES staff come and help out. Thank you! Someday we should plan for a get together of previous MOONEYES people!

To everyone that was there in attendance, thank you very much. Hope to see you again next year at the event! That said, next year might not be in the same place.

23回目になるStreet Car Nationals

26日 Sunday、東京お台場で23回目のストリートカーナショナルズ(SCN)を開催します。800台のカスタムカー、100件を超えるベンダーブースや沢山のケータリング等、楽しい一日になること間違いなし。ゲートオープンは9時!

On Sunday, the 26th of April, in Odaiba, Tokyo will be the 23rd annual Street Car Nationals (SCN) event. Over 800 custom cars, over 100 vendor booths and a bunch of catering and concession stands. No doubt it will be great day and fun for all. Gates open at 9AM!
Let’s meet at Odaiba!


Drag Race in 仙台

先週末はPRAのOpenning戦プラスIgnite Speed Trialが仙台ハイランドで開催されたので、
Last weekend was the PRA Opening Drags plus Ignite Magazine Speed Trial at SENDAI Hi-land, so we left Yokohama at 4:30AM on Saturday and headed for Sendai (northern Japan)

The Cherry Blossoms were blooming up north and the express way tolls had recently been decreased so we left Yokohama extra early assuming the roads would be crowded. Just as we thought, Touhoku Express Way was very crowded with cars. However, even with the traffic, we arrived in Sendai by 9:30AM which isn’t bad timing.

Saturday wasn’t a race day but we made 3 practice runs to test and check the conditions.

The main focus for us was the Vega. The results were constant 12 second times with no adjustments made to any settings. The car is small which made driving a challenge.

The Camaro clocked in at the 10.47 mark but didn’t reach last year’s Best time(10.21). On Saturday during the 3rd run at about 1,000 ft the steering became loose and the car came very close to the side wall. Although we tried to work on the issue, it wasn’t fixed and the car didn’t run on Sunday.

Sign painted by Wildman Ishii on this VW

次は7月、富士で開催されるSuper American Festivalに参加の予定です。
The next event will be held in July at Fuji during the Super American Festival, which we plan to attend. The car will be fixed by then.


Freeway そしてついに完成2009年 MOONEYES Catalog/MOON Illustrated Magazine #3

15日(水)日本へ帰るため、まず 1985 El CaminoでMOONEYES USAへ寄ってからLAX(LA Int’l Airport)へ向いまいした。
Returning back to Japan on the 15th (Wed), first I made a visit to MOONEYES USA in this 1985 El Camino then headed to LAX (LA Int’l Airport).

会社へ向かうFreeway(FWY)上でDodge Challengerを発見。最近こう言う人気ないMuscle Car見かけなくなりました。
On the Freeway (FWY) heading for the shop, I saw this Dodge Challenger. You don’t see very many of this type of Muscle Car anymore.

The narrow tires, full side molding, black vinyl top, it’s totally 70’s era. As I took pictures, the thought of it having a bench seat and column A/T came to mind.

The picture of the car in my side mirror looks like something from a classic movie.

From the shop I headed for LAX and while on the FWY I saw the airplane I planned on flying coming in for a landing.

I was dropped off at LAX check-in, for a one way flight to Narita.

成田到着は翌日の16日(木)、この日はMOON Illustrated Magazine(MIM)#3が会社に納品される日、そしてこのMIM#3の完成打ち上げDinnerをMOON Space Agency(広告部)関係者と一緒にSoy Sauceステーキで有名な Jack’s レストランで開きました。
Arrival in Narita is a day later on the 16th (Thurs), which is the day that MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM) #3 stock will be delivered. In the evening that night, to celebrate the completion and launch of MIM#3, Moon Space Agency (Advertising) had Soy Sauce Steak Dinner at the famous Jack’s Restaurant.

(炭火で焼くステーキは格別:Charbroiled steak was exceptional)

(サラダはオリジナルドレッシングです:Salad comes with original dressing)


Jack’sはMOONEYES Staffにとって特別な響きを持つレストラン、Specialな時に利用しています。Jack’s初参加のPan君とSteveはそわそわ、夕方は仕事も手に付かなかったそうです。
Jack’s has always catered to MOONEYES Staff very well so for special occasions we like to go there.First timers to Jack’s was Pan and Steve. Apparently, they were so restless they couldn’t concentrate on any work from the afternoon.

(ゴハン4枚、ニコニコのPAN君です:4 plates of rice, all smiles is PAN)

(USA人なのに皿を持って食べるSteve:Steve is from the USA but holds his plate while eating)

(Wildmanと英訳担当のGoshu:Wildman and responsible for English translation, Goshu)

(MSAに入ったばかりのGINと英訳&Web担当のSteve:Recently transferred to MSA department GIN and responsible for English translation & Web, Steve)

(右ページのモデルはSteveでした:The model used on the right-facing page is Steve)

(EditorのTANKそしてPAN:Editor TANK and PAN)

Jack’s delicious steak helps cure the exhaustion of making the catalog.

さてMIM#3は2009年MOONEYES全商品が掲載され、また爽やかな南カリフォルニアBeach Cityの取材記事や、僕が昔乗っていた1967 VW T-IIのCustom Memory、Wildman石井の変態シリーズなど楽しい記事満載。
そして英語の勉強になるバイリンガルのMIM#3 は、4月20日(月)全国の一般書店、MOONEYES Dealersで一斉発売開始です。#3を読んでバックナンバーも読みたいって方はバックナンバー#1&2ともありますが#1は残りごくわずかです。お楽しみください!
MIM#3 features the complete 2009 MOONEYES product catalog plus fresh content of Southern California Beach City stories, a 1967 VW T-II Custom Memory by Shige Suganuma, Wildman Ishii’s Hentai (Otaku) Series and much more.
Of course it’s completely bilingual in English and Japanese. MIM#3 goes on sale at nation wide bookstores and all MOONEYES Dealers from April 20 (Monday). For those that want to pick up back issues, #1 & #2 are still available directly from MOONEYES – however #1 is getting close to selling out. Have a good one and enjoy!

ジャックス レストラン http://jacks.web.infoseek.co.jp
〒231-0825 横浜市中区本牧間門43-14 TEL:045-621-4379
MOONEYES Area-1からクルマで5分位です。

Viva Las Vegas (VLV)

その中でもCB750が依然人気があるようで、ここViva Las Vegasでも多くのCB750ベースを見ました。
It seems that there was a sudden boom in Japanese motorcycles being used for custom base bikes in the USA.
Within those bikes the CB750 is still the more popular choice and there were a lot of CB750s being used as base bikes at Viva Las Vegas.

(CB750,このエンジンの幅とCam Coverがカッコいいですね:CB750, the width of this engine and Cam Cover is so cool.)

(CB750はこの角度が一番カッコいいです。特にChopper系はです。この張り出したモーターが何とも言えません:The view of this CB750 from this angle is the best. Especially as a Chopper. What I wanted to say that 4cylinder wide motor look cool!)

(でもマフラーが強烈です:But why is the muffler like this?)


(KAWASAKI 750 Twin)





そして日章旗も人気があるようですが、USAでこのBattle Flagを付けるは現地の人はOKでしょう。しかし我々に日本人はどうでしょうか?Iron Crossも同じ意味合いはありますけど・・
Also the Japanese rising sun looks to be popular as well but I wonder if locals were OK about this Battle Flag on display.


前回のブログではNewport Beach周辺の高級車画像をお伝えしました。
今回はMOONEYES USAのあるSanta Fe Springs周辺です。
In my last blog post I posted several luxury cars at a stoplight in the Newport Beach area.
This time, these are some photos of around MOONEYES USA in Santa Fe Springs.

On a quick drive around almost any block, this is the common scene.
It seems quite severe.


Just there, in the silence.

Sakura Cherry Blossoms

MOONEYES Area-1前は桜が満開です。
MOON Cafeでお花見はいかがですか?
The Sakura (Cherry blossoms) are in full bloom in front of MOONEYES Area-1.
How about flower viewing at MOON Cafe?
It’s likely the petals will fall before the weekend.

Newport Beach

左から ジャガー、BMWそしてベントレー。朝から凄い光景です。
From the left, Jaguar, BMW and a Bentley. A spectacular morning scene.

Is the economy really that bad in the US?

In Honmoku, Yokohama the Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) have become full-bloomed!

Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet

Southern California , Long Beachで毎月開催される(今年から毎月)Long Beach Swap Meetに
Held each month (once a month started this year) in Long Beach, southern California is the Long Beach Swap Meet. MOONEYES has a space there and although small it’s been getting noticed more recently.

と思っているとはるかかなたにMOON Cafeのパーカーを着た人が歩いているではありませんか!
結構 日本製製品が人気あります。嬉しい事に「これ日本製?」って良い響きで尋ねられのです。
Just as I thought this, off in the distance I spotted someone wearing a MOON Cafe hooded jacket! Japanese products are reasonably popular right now. I heard the question, “Is this made in Japan?” being asked quite a bit.

まずMOONEYES Wildman石井デザインのMotorcycle Tシャツの人気は凄い!
However, MOONEYES Wildman designed Motorcycle T-shirts were amazingly popular!

そしてこのハンドル実は、IM Factoryさんが作ってくれているのですが、注目度かなり高いです。
These handlebars were also popular. These are made by IM Factory in Japan and get a lot of attention.

Brat Style製のハンドルの人気がありますし、このRat Fink SkateboardやBull Original製のMOONEYES SeatやRat Fink Seatも大人気でした。
Brat Style in Japan made handlebars were also popular as well as the Rat Fink Skateboard and these Bull Original, handmade, MOONEYES and Rat Fink seats are also from Yokohama Japan.

そうしたら目の前にさっきのMOON Cafeパーカーが反対側の店で何か見ていたので
「それどうしたの?」と聞いたら「昨年のHot Rod・Custom Showに行った際に購入した」との事。ありがとうございます。
All of a sudden, right in front of me at a table across from us was the person wearing the MOON Cafe hooded jacket from earlier. I got a chance to ask him about it and he said it bought it when he was at the Hot Rod Custom Show last year. Thank you very much.

今回サンプルで持って行った5.5QTのChopper Oil Tankも注目を集めていましたし、
勿論、通常のChopper Oil Tankは根強い人気でした。
We brought a sample with us this time of the new 5.5qt Chopper Oil Tank and it got a lot of attention, of course, like a general Chopper Oil Tank would get.

USではまだ正式には発売していないEmergency Fuel TankはSampleをどうしてもと言う人が購入してくれました。
Although it’s not officially released in the US, we brought our Emergency Fuel Tank and aluminum bracket sample and someone purchased it.

At the swap meet there was an overflow of H-D bikes but this Honda CB500 caught my eye as well as this Honda Monkey.

Swapt Meetでは昨年HCSに来日したMarkがブースを出していました。
Mark, a guest from HCS last year, had a space setup at the swap meet too.

今年からこのSwap Meetは毎月になりました。数年前まで閑古鳥が鳴いていたような状況でしたが
At first, the MOONEYES table wasn’t very popular but we are thankful that Yoshi didn’t run away and stuck it out.
Beginning this year, the swap meet is held once a month. A number of years ago it was struggling but they continued on. Now, it’s like there isn’t enough room for everyone to enter.