Drag Race at Fuji Speedway

29日、Fuji Speedwayで久しぶりにDrag Raceが開催されたので行ってきました。
It’s been a while since there was a Drag Race event held at Fuji Speedway so I went to watch on April 29 (Wednesday).


It was great weather and seeing Mt. Fuji on the way to the Speedway really brought back memories! Looks like Teppey even brushed his teeth.

その近くには今回エンジンをかなりいじったNishi NishiのMaverickが停まっていました。
Close by, Nishi Nishi’s Maverick was stopped and the engine was being modified.

Pit CrewはVannuysのTokitaさんです。
Pit Crew was Mr. Tokita from Vannuys.

PadockにはFunny Car やTop Fuelが沢山、Pitも自由に入れるので一般の方も
Race Carが間近に見れて楽しそうでした。やはりFuji Speedwayで開催と言うと盛り上がりますね!
It was a good feeling to see so many USA cars in the Pit area.
There were many Top Fuel and Funny Cars in the paddock. You could freely enter the pits and see race cars in close proximity which made it really fun.
As one might think, just by holding an event at Fuji Speedway really makes it exciting!

(歩いてくるのは、ファーリの西谷さんとロワールの吉岡社長。:Mr. Nishitani from Furry Machine Service and Mr. Yoshioka of VW Shop Loire walking.)

(この年代のFirebird T/Aは珍しいです。:This is a rare Firebird T/A)

(Camaroいいですね!:The Camaro is great!)

(今回MOPAR系は少なかったです。:There weren’t many MOPARS this time.)

(観客も一杯です。:A lot of people in the audience.)

(Nishi Nishi負けてしまいました。大型投資失敗?:Nishi Nishi lost. Too many modifications?)

(このRed Chevelle、いい走りしていました。This Red Chevelle, ran really well.)

(ネ、Pitもいい感じでしょ。:See, the pit was looking very cool.)

次回は7月27日(日)Super American Festivalが 同じくFuji Speedwayで開催され
Drag RaceもありますのでこれまでにはCamaroを直して出場したいと思っています。
Next event at Fuji Speedway is the Super American Festival on July 27 (Sunday).
There will be Drag Races held so I hope to repair the Camaro so it can race then.

それでは皆様、それぞれのGolden Weekをお過ごしください!!
May 6 (Wednesday) is a Japanese holiday, Children’s Day, so the blog will not be updated as I will take the day off! I hope everyone enjoys the Golden Week holiday as well!!

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