多くの方からEl Camino Nationals開催のリクエストを頂戴し、遂に9月13日(日)横浜・本牧で開催予定です。

本当はBlue Panicが開催するはずでしたが、諸事情(言いかえればやる気が有る無しの話ですが)により昨年開催できず。

今年もTruck Mastersは予定されているけど、El Camino Nationalsはまだスケジュールも決まっていなかったのでMOONEYESで開催する事にしました。

9月は13日(日)El Camino Nationals、20日(日)VW Type 2 Party、27日(日)はAll Odds Nationals。11月には20周年を迎えるCrown Picnicもあります。

おっと!忘れていました。8月2日(日)には東京お台場(昨年と同じ場所)でMotorcycle Swap Meetも開催されます。

そして12月6日(日)は、18回目のYokohama Hot Rod・Custom Showです。

A lol of requests have been coming in for holding the El Camino Nationals event, and we are pleased to inform everyone that we have scheduled a tentative date for Sept. 13 (Sunday) to be held in Honmoku, Yokohama.

It was Blue Panic that was really supposed to hold the event but under the various circumstances (in other words, I heard it was not having the energy to do it) the event wasn’t held last year either.

This year, Truck Masters is scheduled with a date but El Camino Nationals was not on the schedule and no date had been set yet so MOONEYES will hold the event.

We haven’t decided on entry details or anything yet but wanted to confirm and inform everyone that “It’s On!”

September 13 (Sunday) El Camino Nationals
September 20 (Sunday) VW Type 2 Party
September 27 (Sunday) All Odds nationals
November will have the 20th anniversary Crown Picnic too.

Oh! Almost forgot. On August 2 (Sunday) in Odaiba, Tokyo (same place as last year) is the Motorcycle Swap Meet event.

Then, on December 6 (Sunday) is the 18th Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show!

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