Got a California Plate

Long Beach, Californiaに車が到着後、ハッスルの末、遂にCalifornia Plateが付きました!
After arriving in Long Beach, Ca. USA and at the end of a hustle, the California Plate was finally put on!

プレートが変わるだけで車の雰囲気も変わってしまいました。大手を振ってストリートを走れます。車が1964年製なので、将来Black Plateを付けたいと思っています。でも3R Motor 1900ccでは遅いです。逆に危ないです。
Just with the plate change, the overall look of the car has also changed. It got to spread its wings and drive the streets. The car was made in 1964 so I’m thinking about getting a Black Plate in the future. The only thing is the 3R 1900cc engine is slow. On the contrary, it’s actually dangerous.

1965 Toyota 3R Motorは90馬力、1964 Mustang 289は200馬力,倍も違うのですから一緒に走ったら危ないですよね。
It’s the first time I’ve driven a 3R in the USA and it’s really dangerous. I can’t keep up to speed with the cars around me. Once I’m up to speed it’s fine but getting there is dangerous. I didn’t even consider an attempt on the Freeway.
A 1965 Toyota 3R Motor has about 90 horsepower and a 1964 Ford Mustang 289 has about 200 horsepower, more than double so running side by side would be dangerous.

この1964 Toyota Masterline Pick Upは、1964年日本で作られオーストラリアへ輸出され
Back in the day when Americans purchased a Japanese car, I wonder what their expectations were or reasons why. I really want to know. This particular 1964 Toyota Masterline Pick Up was originally built in 1964 in Japan and exported to Australia. In 2005 it returned to Japan. Now, in 2009 it has been imported to USA and I believe the only one in USA!
That is its history but I don’t know about its fate!

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