Californiaに来てあっと言うまに2週間が経ってしまいました。と言っても遊んでいる訳ではないのですが、ただ帰るタイミングがつかめないのです。今週末にSanta Mariaで開催されるWest Coast Kustomのイベントに参加するための準備をしていると、そのイベントを見にわざわざ名古屋から来たParadise RoadのMr. Junichi ShimodairaがShopに寄ってくれました。彼がShopに来るのは何年振りかです。
It feels like I just arrived in California but 2 weeks have already passed. Time sure flies, although I’m not here on vacation. There are so many things going on that it’s hard to find the right timing to return. This weekend in Santa Maria will be the West Coast Kustoms event Cruisin Nationals and we’ll have a booth there. As we were making preparations, Mr. Junichi Shimodaira of Paradise Road in Nagoya, Japan stopped by the Shop for a visit. He came to California just for the weekend event. It’s been many years since he visited the Shop.

そしてこの日は彼の誕生日、Happy Birthdayの記念にDragsterに乗って写真を撮りました。大分照れていますが「似合っとらんね」。
It’s also his birthday today. To celebrate a Happy Birthday, he took a picture sitting in the Dragster. He probably feels shy but, “That’s OK, you don’t match…”

では場所を換えてMOON サインとは?「これも似合っとらん!」
So then let’s try another location, like the MOON sign then? “This too don’t match!”
(just kidding)

Dice Magazine この2人、Matt & Dean.はナイスなChevy Vanで登場です。
Matt & Dean from Dice Magazine showed up in this nice Chevy Van.

It has that Southern California feeling to it and looks so cool!
ここ数年、若者の間ではChopper等のBike業界には70sが注目されていますが Hot Rod等のCar業界ではちょっと違うようです。Surfer VanとChopperなんて行き過ぎですか?
For several years now, the younger generation in the Chopper and Bike industry have been into 70’s style but it is different in the Hot Rod and Car industry. Do you think Surfer Vans and Choppers together is going too far?

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