Candy Man

MOONEYES USA では、この時期になると 決まった時間に チリン! と鐘を鳴らしながら Candy Man がやってきます。
Right around this season at MOONEYES USA, at a specific time each day you will hear a RING! It’s the ringing of a bell and the sound that the Candy Man has arrived.

チリンと鳴らして、敷地内に入ってきて その場でしばらく待つこと数分、誰も買わなければそのまま静かに去って行きます。
As the bell rings, he enters the premises and waits a few moments. If no one comes out to buy anything, he quietly leaves and moves on.

Within that time, he doesn’t say anything to announce he is here.

チリンと風鈴のように現れ何事も無く去って行く、Candy Man から今日は Ice Candy を買いました。
Like a wind chime ring he appears and the next moment he is gone, but today I purchased Ice Candy from the Candy man.

Amigo! Uno ice candyこれでいいのかな?
Summer is here.
Amigo! Uno ice candy, is this one good?

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