Santa Maria

初めて Santa Maria へ行きました。 それも 2週続けてです。
I went to Santa Maria for the first time. It was actually 2 weekends in a row.

まず 1回目は 16日(土)バイクのイベントがあり Chica Custom の Chicaさんが「キーヘン?」て言うから会社を 10AM に出たら Downtown LA に入るまでで何と 1時間、#101 で Ventura、Santa Barbara を通り過ぎ現地に着いたのは何と 2PM、約 200マイルですから普通なら 3時間位ですむところがこの日は 4時間!でした。
The first time was on 5/16 (Saturday) for a bike event. Chica of Chica Custom called me up and asked, “Wanna come?” So, I left Mooneyes at 10AM and it took about 1 hour just to reach Downtown LA. Jumped on 101, then Ventura, passed Santa Barbara and by the time I got around to the place it was 2PM. It’s about 200 miles away and normally takes about 3 hours, but today too 4 hours!

とにかくメチャクチャな渋滞でもうクタクタ、会場に入ってみるとヒマを持て余した Chicaさんはサッカーの練習中、Cole は昼寝しているし。
Anyway, it was extremely congested and I was already wore out. When I got inside the event area everyone seemed to have a lot of free time. Chica was practicing soccer and Cole was taking a nap.

そんな感じのイベントだったので帰りの渋滞も心配なので滞在時間は 1時間弱 3:30PM に会場を後にし家に戻ったのは 8:00PM 今度は 4時間半!何しに行ったのか??もう嫌だ!
But that is the general mood of this event. I was worried about the traffic going back so I stayed less than 1 hour. Left the event at around 3:30PM and made it home by 8:00PM, this time it took 4.5 hours! Why did I even go!? I couldn’t take it!

と思いながら 1週間が経った 23日(土)、この日は何と Memorial Weekend と呼ばれる 3 Day Holidayの初日、また同じ目には遭いたくないので、今回は Newport Beach を朝 5:00AM 出発、この時間なら 3時間あれば大丈夫だろうと #405 をひたすら走っていると Santa Monica 付近でまた渋滞が!
That was my thought and 1 week later on 5/23 (Saturday), of course this was during Memorial Weekend, the first of a 3 Day Holiday in the US, of all days. I didn’t want to go through the traffic pains again so this time I left Newport Beach at 5:00AM, thinking 3 hours would be easy this early. Taking #405 all the way but right around Santa Monica it’s bumper to bumper traffic!

Creeping along I finally get to the source, on the right side of the freeway is a single car accident.

This person had a little fender-bender.

その後は事故もなく Ventura を通過すると会場へ向かう車がゆっくり走っているではありませんか。
After that there were no other accidents all the way through Ventura, then I started to see a lot of cars cruising a slow speeds towards the event area.

会場には予定通り 8:00AM に到着、230mile を 3時間なら良いペースでした。
8時だと言うのにすでに MOONEYES ブースは完成されていました。
I made it to the event area by 8:00AM as planned, 230 miles (370km) in 3 hours is a good pace.
It was only 8AM but the MOONEYES Booth was setup and already done.

I helped out at the booth and so many people stopped by to visit.

(名古屋の Wheel Unlimited, Sakuragi Family; Sakuragi Family from Wheel Unlimited of Nagoya)

(左から Nash, Paradise Road Mr. Shimodaira, Honolulu からの Jason; Nash, Mr. Shimodaira of Paradise Road and Jason from Honolulu)

(Tracy & Jason from Honolulu, Hawaii; Tracy & Jason from Honolulu, Hawaii)

(今回 Yoshi君は自分のパーツを販売です。; Yoshi was there selling parts)

Burnout Booth でくつろぐ方たち。; Everybody relaxing at the Burnout Booth

10:00PM 前に戻れれば良いかなと会場を 6:00PM に出発一路 Newport Beach へ、市内はこんな感じ
Thinking I’d like to reach home by 10:00PM, I left the event are about 6:00PM and headed straight for Newport Beach. As I left, the city looked like this.

On the FWY heading back I passed this car

and drove along the coast.

Ventura のサインが見えたら残りは半分くらいです。
The Ventura sign meant I was half way there.

前回も今回も日帰りですが前回は一人でドライブ、でも今回は Makoto が往復 Drive してくれたので助かった!
Every time, including this passed time, the road trip home I usually drive by myself, but today Makoto drove both ways and that was very helpful!

往復 460マイルって事は 700キロ以上結構遠かった Santa Maria でした。
Roundtrip to Santa Maria was about 460 miles (about 740km) that’s quite a distance.

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