MOONEYES の Pinstriper Wildman 石井が 日本で Signs & Pinstriping を始めて20年!
その軌跡を追ったイベント Ace High Only One Wildman を MOONEYES Area-1 Garage で開催しています。 Garage ですから窓はありませんし、クラーもありません。
しかもこの猛暑です。でも扇風機はあります。Wildman はこの期間中 Garage に居ますので

It’s been 20 years since MOONEYES Pinstriper Hiro “WILDMAN” Ishii began Signs & Pinstriping in Japan!
Celebrating its success is the event, Ace High Only One Wildman, being held at MOONEYES Area-1 Garage, in Honmoku, Yokohama. It is in the garage so there’s no windows, or A/C either.
However, the recent heat. There are electric fans blowing. Wildman is in the garage for the entire duration of the event so if you have a chance, please stop by and visit. There are also limited edition, 20th Anniversary items for sale too. Wildman has been restless because he loves to sign and he’ll be delighted if you ask him.

さてそんな Wildman の 20年間を振り返ったインタビューが最近発売になったばかりの 「FlyWheels マガジン」 に掲載されています。
今まで通説となっていた事が実は違っていたとか。。 このインタビューで Wildman のすべてが理解できます。
え!本当?!知らなかった!! なんて言う内容です。ぜひ お近くの書店や Amazon.com で購入して下さい。
ちなみに、Amazon で購入すると送料が掛からないとかです。 確認してください。

Speaking of Wildman, he is featured in the recently published first issue of “FlyWheels Magazine” in a 20th year renewal interview.
In the interview, it’s revealed that some of the thoughts and opinions he’s had over the years has actually changed. You will better understand Wildman from this interview.
What? Really? I didn’t know!! The contents are detailed. Check your local bookstore or Amazon.com (JP) for the magazine.
By the way, I heard if you purchase from Amazon (Japan), they don’t charge domestic shipping/delivery. Check it out to be sure.

そして 「VINTAGE AUTO」 の8月1日発売号には、何とあの生沢徹さんの
And finally, on bookstands now, released on August 1st, “VINTAGE AUTO” magazine features three interviews starting with the legendary Japanese race driver Mr. Tetsu Ikuzawa,

in an article titled, “The 2nd Annual Japan Grand Prix Reality”.

と 「シゲ菅沼/粋な遊びと昭和の車」
And “Mr. Shige Suganuma/Stylish Fun and Showa-era Cars”.

そして Deuce Factory の 「笠井俊一/珠玉の小型車たち」
Followed by Deuce Factory’s “Mr. Shunichi Kasai/Jewel of Compact Car People”.

Two of the featured articles are about car life over the years.

To my surprise, I didn’t realize Mr. Kasai has owned 38 cars.
But I was sort of happy to together with Mr. Ikuzawa’s feature…

ちなみに、やっと My Office を写真とりました。
On another topic, I finally took a picture of my office.

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