日曜日は雨だった / It rained on Sunday.

8月2日Sunday、東京お台場で、4回目になる Motorcycle Swap Meet (MSM) が開催されました。
が朝から曇り、雨、曇り、強い雨、晴れ間も覗き、そして雲、また雨 大変でした。
Panhead “Orange Krate” に乗り会場に向かって湾岸線を走っているとポツポツと雨の兆し、
関係あるのか ないのか取敢えず来年はPanでは行きません。
こんな雨の中 エントリーして下さった皆様、そして会場のお越しくださった皆様、ありがとうございました。 また来年宜しくお願いします。

The 4th Annual Motorcycle Swap Meet (MSM) was held on Sunday, August 2, in Odaiba, Tokyo.
From the early morning it was cloudy, then rain, to strong rain, turned to slightly sunny for a short period, then back to clouds, then rain again. It was harsh.
I rode the Panhead, “Orange Krate” to the event and as I was on the Wangan Expressway, there were signs of rain with drops here and there.
As I was riding, I remembered back three years ago to the first MSM, I rode this very bike and it rained and just as the thought entered my mind, sure enough it rained. The 2nd and 3rd MSM I rode the Shovel and it was fine weather.
If there’s any relation or not, in any case next year I won’t be riding the Pan.
To all the people that went to the MSM in this rain, and all the riders that entered, thank you very much. I hope to see you all again next year.

When the rain got stronger, a lot of people moved out.

元Staff 和崎君も帰ってしまいました。
Old staff Mr. Wazaki left too.

The rain stopped for a period but most of the bikers were heading home by then.

暇なり、ブラブラしている元 Staff でイベントを手伝ってくれたShogo(右)、
と仕事しないといけないと思いながらも Shogo に流される永井君(左)
Having extra time on his hands, old staff that were even helpers had nothing to do, like Shogo (right).
He was beginning to persuade Mr. Nagai (left) whom is always finding ways to keep busy working.

雨があがったの Deluxie の高田さんは朝しまったバイクを再度引き出してきました。
When the rain stopped, Deluxie’s Mr. Takada brought his bike out again after he put it away in the morning.
Thank you for your participation.

しかしこのカップルは犬が好きです。 Mr .& Mrs. Bull YONE Original.
この首輪もBull Original製です。
This couple sure does love dogs. Mr. & Mrs. Bull YONE Original.
This color is a Bull Original item.

番外編は Mad Max の Goose役、バイクは250と小ぶりですが ヘルメットもジャケットも
From the series of Mad Max movies was Goose, the bike is a 250 on the smaller side but the helmet and jacket are movie replicas, I had no idea it was that popular.

最後はMOONEYES Fan, StaffにはT-shirtsを配ったはずが なぜか彼だけは
Lastly is MOONEYES Fan. Staff had event T-shirts on but for some reason, he was the only one wearing a turtleneck.

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