The 1 Liter Lifeline – MOON Emergency Fuel Tank

命の1リッター MOON Emergency Fuel Tank

The 1 Liter Lifeline – MOON Emergency Fuel Tank

ドイツの関根君からメールが来ました。 本当はNobbi君なんですが奥様が日本の方で
関根君とはイタリアで会ったのですが 彼は大のMOONEYES Fanそして日本が大好きだそうです。
その関根君がイタリアからドイツに帰る時 MOON Emergency Fuel Tankを上げたのです。
I got a message from my friend Nobbi from Germany. I mentioned him in a recent blog post, his wife is from Japan. They live in Germany and work for a large Harley parts wholesale company.
I met him during my trip to Italy but he has always been a big fan of MOONEYES and of course, he also loves Japan. They rode on motorcycles from Italy back to Germany and I gave him a MOON Emergency Fuel Tank when they were leaving.

そうしたら画像が来ました。 これは彼がSwedenに行く途中のガソリンスタンドでのショットです。
下が関根君からのメールです。 お使いの方はすでに体感していると思いますが
これ1本あると安心ですが最近 暑いですからタンクのガスキャップを開けてエア抜きをマメにお願いします!
In his message, he also sent a couple pictures. The photos were taken in Sweden at a gas station on their way home. Below is the message that accompanied the pictures. I’m sure those that use this already know but it’s a big relief to have this extra bottle handy. With the recent hot weather, please don’t forget to release the air pressure before you open the gas cap!

しげさん こんにちは、

MOON Emergency Fuel Tank はとても便利ですね。

関根 ノビー

Hello Shige-San,

Last weekend we ride to Sweden and I used your product.
The Moon Emergency Fuel Tank is very good.
It’s a good feeling when you know you have 1 liter reserve fuel.

Nobbi Sekine

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