For those that plan on going to Bonneville

これから Bonneville へ行かれる方々へ

For those that plan on going to Bonneville

見渡す限り真白, 雪のように綺麗なBonneville, しかしそこは塩湖で雪ではありません。
雪なら溶けてしまうので気にする必要ありませんが 同じで白でもこちらは塩なのでまったく溶けません。

While visiting Bonneville, the pure white like snow landscape is breathtaking. However, that’s salt and not snow. If it were snow, it would melt and there wouldn’t be much to do afterwards. The salt on the other hand stays white and does not melt away.

If you don’t think about it and enter/exit your car it can get very messy before you know it.

Once it gets like that, it’s hard work to clean it up.

Salt Lake City で借りるレンタカーには 「塩の上には絶対行ってはいけません」と言う注意書きがある位です。
Bodyにくっついた塩は洗えば何とかなりますが 室内の掃除はそう簡単には行きません。
The car I rented from Salt Lake City had strict instructions to “Do not drive vehicle on salt”…
The salt that gets on the outside of the car can easily be cleaned but the interior won’t be.

以前レンタカーで行った際 車をReturnする為に町はずれにあるCar WashでBodyにこびりついた塩を水で流し、塩湖に行った事がばれない位い室内を綺麗にするのは本当に大変でした。
The last time I came and rented a car, I took the car to a Car Wash and cleaned the Body, then spent some time cleaning out all the salt from the inside so they wouldn’t know. It was a real pain.

袋に足を突っ込んだまま運転するのに少々戸惑いますが これなら塩で汚れません。
I’ve got an Idea!でした。
That’s when I came up with this technique of using a large plastic bag and putting your feet in it while still being able to drive. Having your legs and feet inside a plastic bag does make it tricky while driving but it keeps the salt from getting everywhere inside the car.
That was my “I’ve got an Idea!” for the trip.

First, you want to brush off as much salt as possible from your shoes.

Then you want a very large plastic bag (big garbage bag works) to put both feet in.
Be sure that the plastic bag doesn’t touch the ground outside so that no salt gets on it.

Then, with both feet inside, take your position to drive.
Be sure to pull up the bag and any slack as that will get in the way of driving normally.

そう、これでLet’s go!! です。
And you are ready. Let’s go!
Notice the bag I’m using is black, which Japan doesn’t sell anymore but they are still well used in USA.

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