Today is Repair Day

今日はRepair Day

Today is Repair Day.

今日は Repair Day, 日本から送った 1964 Toyota Masterline Pickup、マフラーパイプから水が飛び散る事が発覚。実は5月に分かっていたのですが日本でリビルトモーターを作って USA に送れば10月のイベントには間に合うだろと 思っていたらそうは行かないような感じ。

Today was Repair Day at MOONEYES USA. We notice the 1964 Toyota Masterline Pickup that was sent from Japan started blowing a lot of water out of the tailpipe. The fact is, we knew about the problem earlier in May but had we rebuilt the engine in Japan before sending over to California we thought it might not make it in time for the event in October and that was something we didn’t want to happen.

たぶん Head Gasket だろうから Gasket の交換で済むだろうと Head を降ろしてみると、何と!Head Gasket は悪くなさそう。
In any case, we figured it was a Head Gasket and a quick replacement of the Gasket would solve the problem and pulled off the Head. To out surprise the Head Gasket was not the problem!

と言う事で Head にクラックでも入っているのか確認に出すことにしました。
It could be a crack in the Head so we pulled in the have sent it to be checked.

たまたま手に入れた Gasket をチェック したら Carb の部分が入っていない、仕方ない日本のCrown Classics に聞くか?!と 本日はここまで。
Occasionally, I would check a Gasket set I picked up and find out the Carb gasket was missing. That happens. I guess a quick call to Crown Classics in Japan and see if they got one…
That’s all the work for today.

横では 2週間前の Pomona Swap Meet の帰り、Freeway を走行中、トレーラーのタイヤが外れそのタイヤが
トレーラーを引っ張っていた Dually を追い越しして行ったという珍事があり、フリーウェイで緊急停車したいたら
それを目撃ひた Lefties の山岡さんから電話が入り「何かお手伝いする事ありますか?」と優しい言葉を掛けて頂きまし た。 ありがとございます!!
On another topic, two weeks ago while driving home on the Freeway from Ponoma Swap Meet, the tire on the trailer broke off. The tire that was in use on the trailer that’s pulled by the Dually unexpectedly rolled passed and we had to make an emergency stop. Just our luck, Mr. Yamaoka from Lefties in Japan saw it happen and called to asked in a kind voice, “Do you need some assistance?” Thank you very much!!

来週末はPrimer Nationalsがあるので そのトレーラーをChicoが直していました。
However, even more lucky was the fact that the tire didn’t hit anything or anyone, and we actually found it and brought it back with us!
Next weekend is Primer Nationals and so Chico was repairing the trailer today.

今日やらないとやれる時が無いとお互いRepair Dayでやりましたがどちらも諸事情により
If we don’t do it today, there won’t be any other time to do it. That was our thought and so today was our Repair Day but both of out different projects will have to wait until next week to finish.

そんな Repair 作業中 「ポリスのサイレンが」 行ってみると捕まっている Mustang。。。
During the Repairs we heard a Police Siren and when we went to look up, a Mustang…

Parking は Ford が止まっていました。
Oh and in the Parking lot was this sweet Ford.

最近 Norwalk Blvd の会社手前で白バイが Speed をチェックしているので注意して下さい。
The street that runs in front of MOONEYES USA, Norwalk Blvd. has been active with Speed Checks lately so if you are coming to the area, be careful.

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