ガス欠! / Out of Gas!

Las Vegas (LV) から Los Angeles (LA) まで約 300 mile (480キロ)、東京ー大阪位でしょうか?結構あります。イベントが終わり片づけがすんで LV を出たのが夜9時、 Freeway は混んではいないけど Dually でトレーラーを引っ張っているので5時間位?と覚悟を決めていたけど、 LV-LA ノンストップ!結構早いペースで戻る事が出来 1時には会社に近い Freeway の出口 Florence で信号待ち、
From Las Vegas (LV) to LA is about 300 miles which is like the distance of Tokyo to Osaka. Quite a distance. It was 9 o’clock in evening when we left LV after the event was over and loading was done. Even though there is no traffic on the freeway, I imagined it would take about 5 hours as the Dually was pulling the trailer. It was a non-stop trip from LV to LA! We returned in a fast pace and it was about 1AM when we stopped at a red light at closest freeway Florence off ramp by our shop.

そう LV 出てから初めての Stop、そうしたら Engine も同時に Stop、何度やってもエンジンは掛らない!ガス欠だ!!夜中の1時にトレーラーを引っ張り「ガス欠」
This was our first stop from LV and engine stopped at same time! Engine doesn’t start at all, we were out of Gas! At 1 o’clock in the morning, out of Gas with a trailer hauled behind us and in middle of the street.

それも道の真ん中で、しかし不幸中の幸いだったのは信号待ち中だった事、すぐに AAA (JAFような) 電話しガスと言っても Diesel Fuel を依頼待っている間に CHP (California Highway Patrol) が来て
But at least we were at a stop light. We called AAA and while we were waiting for diesel fuel, CHP (California Highway Patrol) came and guarded us in case of cars crashing into us from behind.

エンコ中の僕らを他車が突っ込ん で来ない様 AAA が来てくるまで守ってくれました。結局 Fuel を入れて Shop に着いたのが予定通りの LV を出てから 5時間後の 2時でした。

僕はドライバーが Ontario 辺り (Shopまで30位の距離) でスピードをそれまでの 75マイルから 60マイルに落としたのを気が付いていたのですが「市内だからゆっくり行くのかな」と思っていたのです。 そその時ゲージパネルを見るとなんだかオレンジ のライトが光っているではありませんか、「修理したばかりなのにもうどっか調子悪いんだ」っと思っていたらそのライトはガソリンの警告灯だったと言う訳で す。ドライバーは一言「行けると思ったんですけど」って。

When we filled up gas and came back to our shop it was 2AM and 5 hours later from LV, just as expected. I noticed the driver slowed down to 60 miles from 75 miles at near Ontario (about 30miles from shop) but thought he slowed down as we entered into city. At same time I looked at the gauge panel and orange light was on, I thought “This Dually just got it repaired and something is already broken?!?!” But that was the warning light for empty gas. Driver said one word, “I thought we could make it.”

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