Street Car Nationals Burnout Demo

4月25日(日)24回目の Street Car Nationals で Burnout Demo を開催をします。

Drag Race でタイヤを温める為にタイヤを空回りさせて煙を出す、あれです。

On April 25 (Sun) at the 24th Street Car Nationals we will have a Burnout Demo.
It will be a drag race promotional of sorts, to people not familiar with it in Japan, demonstrating the ritual of warming up the tires just before a drag race. It’s exciting because of the roaring engines and clouds of smoke billowing from the spinning tires.
We have a 12 car lineup and plan on doing it in pairs.

その Burnout のキーマン、スタートを取り仕切る Starter に MOONEYES Fan の “HH” Uchii がやってくれる事となり、今日練習に来てくれました。
Just like any drag race, you need a way to start it and for this Burnout Demo we will have a key person acting as the official starter. MOONEYES Fan “HH” a.k.a. UCCHI will do the job and he came to practice the other day.

At first, something looks awkward.

Long way to go

Looking better and not awkward but his legs aren’t right.

Oh! Starting to look good!

Looking from the side view, it looks good too! He’s getting to be a pro
He will have to do this more tan 10 times so it’s going to take a lot of energy!

“HH” Uchii の Car Guy ぶりが 4月24日発売の MOON Illustrated Magazine(MIM) #5 で特集されています。
2010年総合カタログもついて楽しい記事も満載の MIM#5 は来週全国書店で販売開始です。
After trying over and over, he started to get the hang of it. Now it’s just a matter of stamina.
“HH” Uchii, the Car Guy is featured in MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM) #5 which will be on sale from April 24th (Saturday).
The entire 2010 catalog is included in MIM#5 along with great content and fun articles written in English and Japanese. You can find it at all high quality bookstores across Japan and of course, directly from MOONEYES.

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