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California で (いえ全世界的に) 最も Hot な Chopper マガジン “Dice Magazine (Blog)” を作る Matt & Dean は MOONEYES の H-D Pan “Orange Krate” と Shovel “Banana Gold” で名古屋で開催された Chopper Event, “Joints” に参加しました。

Matt & Dean, creators of the extremely popular magazine in California (no, make that the entire world), the piping hot Chopper mag, “Dice Magazine (Blog)” came to Japan recently to ride the MOONEYES Panhead, “Orange Krate” and Shovelhead, “Banana Gold” from Yokohama to Nagoya (central Japan) for the recent Chopper Event, “Joints”.

リジットフレームで東名高速を使い約 200 mile (350km) 彼らは本当に Biker です。
とは言っても海外の不慣れな道、 MOONEYES の マッチャンが彼の H-D Sportster で彼らを先導しました。
It takes a true biker to ride on a rigid frame on the expressways for 200 miles (350km) and they did it no problem. But on the other hand, their lead on this trip was MOONEYES Matchan on his H-D Sportster whom has no experience on foreign roads.

Dean was excited to see Mt. Fuji

左からDean, Matt & Mapa (マッチャン)
From the left is Dean, Matt and Mapa (Matchan)

先頭はMapa (マッチャン)
Leading the way (Matchan)

無事名古屋Paradise Roadに到着
Safely arrived at Paradise Road in Nagoya

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