Super Shops復活?

南California、Lake Elsinore から Hemet へ行った際 「San Bernardino にあの Super Shops が復活!」と言う噂を聞いていたので、
In Southern California while passing through Lake Elsinore on the way to Hemet I remember hearing a rumor about Super Shops having a reopening in San Bernardino.

Funny Car へのスポンサーや この様に Van が当たると言うキャンペーン、”Win This Car” とか印象的でした。
They sponsored Funny Cars and also campaigns like this one, “WIN THIS VAN!” that I still have from back in the days.

http://www.edsteele.com/supershops/ Former Super Shops Director with memorabilia.

折角 近く(LAから行くと思えば近い)まで来たのだからと住所を携帯で検索し、カーナビに入れ(便利!)現地へ行ってみたら。。
Since I was close by (much closer than, compared to, the distance from LA where MOONEYES USA is located), I looked up their address on my mobile phone and then put it in my Navigation System (so simple!). Then I just followed the direction to the shop…

1軒目は 看板はあるけど店舗は For Lease、
1st building I saw had a big sign for the shop but also a sign with For Lease.

2軒目は 店はあったけど看板が外されていた。
2nd building I saw was a shop but the sign was taken down.

More El Mirage (Motorcycles)

El Mirage Dry Lake

This is El Mirage

El Mirage

Bonneville は Salt, El Mirage は Sand, どっちがいいですか?
Bonneville is Salt, El Mirage is sand. Which do you prefer?

H-D Sportster

Chico のNephew (甥っ子) Wade君が この H-D Sportster を買い、
Chico’s nephew, Wade, recently picked up this H-D Sportster.
He approached Chico and asked if he could make a hardtail for it.

Chico told him he’ll help but he’s got to do it himself.

結局 Machine Shop の Staff と皆 でリジットにしてしまった。
Once they got started, the entire staff at the Machine Shop were helping out.

Now I’m wondering, maybe we should make a hardtail for this one…

Toyota Fest Long Beach (TORC)

2010 All Toyota Fest in Long Beach
Toyota Owner’s & Restorer’s Club (T.O.R.C.)

Hawaiian Festival ハワイアン フェステイバル

久しぶりに天気が続いた GW、きっと素晴らしい時間を過ごせたと思います。

5月4日は YC&AC でハワイアン フェステイバル が開催されました。
Golden Week continued to have great weather everyday. Hope everyone had a wonderful time.
There was a Hawaiian Festival on May 4th at YC&AC not too far from MOONEYES in Honmoku, Yokohama.

このスタンド席いいですね。来年の Burnout Demo はどうかな…

Portable bleachers might be a good idea for next year’s Burnout Demo…

この日は一般の方も入場できるいわゆる Open Gate だったので沢山の方でにぎわっていました。

The day and event was open to the public as YC&AC is a member’s club so there were a lot of people there for the event.

ホノルルからのハワイアン バンド「PALI」もライブしました。
Famous Hawaiian Band from Honolulu, HI called “PALI” played live.

MOONEYES もちょっとですが出店してきました。

MOONEYES had a small booth there too.

秋には International Food Fair も開催されます。
In the Fall YC&AC has the International Food Fair that’s open to the public as well.


土曜日、小学校からの友人の出版記念 Party がありました。


Golden Week

ついに Golden Week ですね。
5月5日は富士 Speedway で開催される Ikura’s American Festival (IAF)
Drag Raceに参加予定です。