Okinawa Trip pt.3

Sam’s の翌日、羽田行きの搭乗まで時間があったので沖縄在住の元 MOONEYES Staff で Atomics と言う Clothing Shop を4軒も経営している ヤラ君に無理をお願いし金武 (これでキンと読みます) にある"元祖 タコライス" の店 "千里" へ連れて行って貰いました。
The day after eating at Sam’s, I had free time until my return trip to Haneda, so I convinced Okinawa resident and former MOONEYES Staff, YARA, whom now has a clothing store called Atomics and manages 4 locations, to take me to Kincho (a.k.a. Kin Town) to eat at the pioneer Taco-Rice shop called Senri.

MOON Cafe のタコライスはこの千里を基本にしています。
久しぶりに千里のタコライスをと思い那覇から1時間位 の金武まで行きましたが何と改装中でした。残念!!
The foundation of MOON Cafe’s Taco Rice is based on Senri’s version.
It’s been a very long time since I last ate there and it took about one hour north from Naha. When we arrived, we found out it was closed for renovations! Oh, that’s too bad!

街の反対側には米軍 Camp Hansen があり、
Right across the street is the U.S. Marine Corps, Camp Hansen.


This used to be a very busy entertainment district a long time ago.

We walked around and checked out the buildings in the are, remnants of what once was.

"King Tacos" で、タコライスを食べて帰りました。
The signs of bars and clubs are still present but have seen better days. Worn out from walking, we went to Senri’s sister store, "King Tacos" and ate Taco Rice there before returning to Naha.


Before we left Kin Town, there was one more place we were going to visit. We went to see another former Staff member, Furuyama, whom now manages a diving shop.


For a split second, I was worried at the vacant lot, but soon saw that he was out diving with customers that day.
Okinawa is truly a great place.

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