Charlie’s Shoes Atsugi

横田基地前の何とか(忘れてしまいました)って言うテーラーのコンポラが良いとか、いろいろあったようです。神奈川県厚木米軍基地正面ゲート前にも手作り Shoes の店 “Charlie’s Shoes” と言うオーダーメードの靴屋さんがあり、この靴は28年前に作った物です。

A long time ago when the US Dollar was strong against the Japanese Yen, the surrounding area of most military bases were filled with made-to-order shops and tailors, catering to military personnel. There were many well known tailors and a famous shop that made contemporary suits right outside the main gate of Yokota Air Base (although I forget the name). In Kanagawa-ken (prefecture where Yokohama is) at NAF Atsugi (http://www.cnic.navy.mil/Atsugi/index.htm) there used to be a shop in front of the main gate called Charlie’s Shoes and focused on made-to-order shoes. These shoes (pictured) were made 28 years ago.

なぜ程度良く残っているかと言うと注文した配色と違った物だったからほとんど履いていないからです。「何時か履くだろう」と思い28年が経ってしまいまし た。
You might wonder why these shoes still look brand new but the real reason, aside from high quality craftsmanship, is the color scheme was actually not what was ordered so the shoes were hardly used at all. At the time I also thought to myself, “I’ll probably wear them someday.” but it’s now been almost three decades.

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