8月の American Festival

Sunday, 8月1日 Fuji Speedway で開催された Super American Festival (SAF), Drag Race に参加しました。

I participated in the Drag Races at the Super American Festival (SAF) that was held on Sunday, August 1 at Fuji Speedway.

今回 ’69 Camaro は Pro Class となり 8秒台から 11秒台までの Race Car 13台中 8台が Elimination に出れます。

The ’69 Camaro was entered in a category called Pro Class that was for non-street legal race cars and the 13 car had times from 8-11 seconds with an eight car elimination.

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Camaro はせいぜい 11秒台後半ですから予選落ちと思っていたらリタイヤした車等があり、なんと予選を 7位で通過してしまいました。

The Camaro runs in the mid to high 11 second range at best so I had little to no chance to qualify. However, as it turned out, I ranked 7th and made it to the Eliminations.

そんなで結局 Elimination も走る事になったのですが 組み合わせは 1位と 8位、2位と 7位と、Top と Bottom が組み合わさって行きますから 早い車が妥当に勝ち進んで行く仕組みです。3、4、5、6 位くらいの組み合わせは面白いかもしてませんが 2位と7位では 相手が Red Light になるとか、壊れるとか しない限り望みはありません。

Even with the chance of running in the Elimination rounds, it is hard because of the pairing of 1st and 8th, 2nd and 7th, etc. basically tops and bottoms but the middle area like 3, 4, 5 and 6 are good pairing to watch. As for 2nd and 7th in this scenario it is almost a given unless the 2nd ranked car gets a red light or breaks down.

しかし、大どんでん換えしがあるのが Drag Race です。とは言っても遅いクルマが出来るのは 早くスタートを切って追いつかれない事を祈って逃げ切るだけです。

However, that’s the way Drag Racing works. On that note, the best chance that the slower cars have is beating the other off the line and running away as fast as possible. If this goes well, they have slightly a better chance because there’s psychology involved as well. RT (Reaction Time) was the only way to have a chance for my Camaro!!

残念ながら今回リードできたのは初めの 100 Feet くらい、その後バーと抜かれゴールした時はかなり差が付いていました。

As for me, this worked to a degree, perhaps the first 100 feet I was in the lead off the line but then from my rear I could see the other car quickly catch up and pass and by the finish line there was a big margin.

I had a great time though.

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