明日は21回目のCrown Picnic, 21st Crown Picnic Tomorrow

明日は 21回目のCrown Picnic, 天気が気になります。
Crown Picnic は過去 20回で雨は1回くらいだったと思います。
今回は 65台ものエントリーがあるので何とか天気が回復してくれると良いです。
It’s the 21st Crown Picnic tomorrow and the weather has be thinking.
In the past 20 meetings of the Crown Picnic I think it may have rained once.
This year we have about 65 Crown Entries and it would be nice if the weather would make a quick change and clear up.

Crown ではありませんが 1970 Toyota Hi Lux 左ハンドルがFor Saleです。
ラックにSurfboard積んでサーフィンへ、長い釣り竿積んでフィッシングにと このラックは便利そうです。
Although not a Crown, but a Toyota nonetheless, we have a LHD (left hand drive) 1970 Hilux for sale. The pipe rack make this a potential surfboard rack and a cool truck for outdoors like fishing and such. These racks are very useful for all kinds of things.

イベントの朝 / Morning of the Event

24日 (日) 東京お台場で開催された Muscle Maniac の朝です。
Burn Rubber (バーンナウトデモ) も滞り無く開催できました。

These were taken the morning of the Muscle Maniac event held in Odaiba Tokyo on Sunday October 24.
At that point in time the weather looked like it would be a sunny day but the entire day was cloudy – but didn’t rain.
The Burn Rubber (burnout demo) went smoothly without any interruption too.

明日は Muscle Maniac! Tomorrow is Muscle Maniac!

明日は初めてのマッスルカーだけのイベント、 “Muscle Maniac” です。
Tomorrow will be the first time for us to have a Muscle-Car-Only event, “Muscle Maniac” in Odaiba Tokyo!

何がマッスルカーか? 結構、 難しい定義です。 漠然としています。
分かりやすいのは Camaro、 Trans Am とか Cuda、 Challenger とか70年代初頭のクルマを一般的には指すのではないでしょうか?
拡大解釈で約100台位のエントリーがありましたが世相を反映してか8割方がMOPAR、残りをChevy, Ford等と言った感じです。せっかくエントリーして下さったのに対象外と言う事でお断りさせて頂いたクルマもありました。ご理解ありがとうござます。
It’s quite odd when you think about it but we have never held an event that was restricted to only Muscle Cars.
A lot of questions and debate come up, many what’s a Muscle Car? Depending on whom you ask, the answer can be different.
The easiest answer is to name off popular car names like Camaro, Trans Am, Cuda, Challenger, etc. in the late 60s and early 70s. Although it’s a narrow target, we have about 100 entries and about 8:1 of those are MOPAR with the remaining Chevy and Ford.
There were also a number of entry submissions that had to be refused because they were not Muscle Cars. We regret having to do that but hope they will understand.

< こちらの写真は「SCN2010」に開催した BURNOUT DEMO でした。 >
< This was the scene at SCN2010 “Burnout Demo” >

Street Car Nationals に続きバーアウトデモ “Burn Rubber” は7ペアの参加が予定されています。
取り敢えず1回目、どんなクルマが “Muscle Maniac” の対象車なのか見い来て下さい。そして次回は是非参加して下さい。
Just as we did at Street Car Nationals in April this year, we will have a “Burn Rubber” competition with 7 pairs of cars.
So the first thing about “Muscle Maniac” is getting a good idea of what muscle cars are, and catching the burnout demo.
There will be no parking available at the event so you will need to park in public parking outside or take the train.
We hope to see you all there tomorrow from 9AM!

会場限定販売T−シャツもございます。イベントオンリーでサイズ S, M, L, XL。1枚 2,100円 (税込) です。
We will also have event only T-shirts for sale. Size S, M, L, XL priced at 2,100 Yen each.

Vanning is Back??

70年代の Vanning が So Cal で流行つつあるようです。
そんな感じの中 Costa Mesa で “VAN-IN” が開催されました。
どれも今 一歩、好きになる雰囲気は分かるけど、 Vanning もお金が掛かります。
Vanning も中途半端では表現できない 難しい世界です。
好きだ、 何となく、 雰囲気良いから、 なんて調子では達成できないくらい
ハッキリした物があるのが Vanning と Low Rider ではないでしょうか。

It seems that Vanning, the once popular trend from the ’70s, is making a come back in So Cal.
In fact, there was a “VAN-IN” recently in Costa Mesa.
Every single one had something to like and I get it, but Vanning is expensive.
The difficult part of Vanning is you have to go all the way, it can’t be incomplete.
It’s the same thing with Vanning in Japan, you have to go all out.
You can’t have an attitude that thinks it’s alright. It just won’t come out right. I think Vanning and Lowriders have that same sense where you have to go all out where you are really into it, otherwise it just don’t look right. Continue…

20″ Saturn MOON Disc for Next Generation

進行中の Project Car にどうしても 20″ Saturn MOON Disc を履きたいので
ありました 20″ホイルが何と $320、それも1本じゃなくて4本です。
もちろんNew! こう言うのがあるのですね。驚きの金額です。
The Project Car we are currently working on needs to have 20″ Saturn MOON Discs, no matter what.
The main thing is to find cheap 20″ wheels in the USA and after a while, we found a full set for $320, not just 1 but 4 wheels.
Also, this price is for NEW! You really can find great deals. It’s a shocking price.
The only down side for us is the center hub sticks out.

そのままでは New Generation MOON Disc-Saturn を装着できません。
As is, the New Generation MOON Discs (Saturn) will not go one flush.
So we had to grind down the center of the wheel.

これでOK! その加工代が 4本で $200。
ホイルと加工代で $540、 1本 $135がベースとなる20″の金額です。
ベースの 20″ ホイルが高くて 20″ Saturn MOON Disc を装着したいけど
Now we are good to go! The grinding down for four wheels cost $200 (all four).
Our running total on the wheels is $540, 1 wheel is $135, but still these are 20″ wheels.
Event with the altered appearance, these are base wheels that will be cover anyway!
If the base 20″ wheels were expensive, using 20″ Saturn MOON Discs to cover them would be difficult but having hesitated, we eventually found a solution with these cheap wheels.

Saturn MOON Disc はこの様にホイルを包み込む様に装着されます。
The Saturn MOON Disc covers the entire wheel like this, as seen from behind.

そして Dzus Fastner ですから脱着も簡単!
It will be mounted with Dzus Fasteners making it easy to remove.


Look at that picture!
Don “Snake” Prudhomme behind the wheel of Pepsi Challenger Trans Am.

MIM #6掲載の写真を選んでいたら1983年10月 OCIR での NHRA World Finals,
Don Prudhomme ドライブの Pepsi Challenger Trans Am Funny Car が出てきました。
As I was looking through old photos for my article in MIM#6 and saw this photo from 1983 at OCIR.
It’s NHRA World Finals and Don Prudhomme is driving the Pepsi Challenger Trans Am Funny Car.

この年で OCIR が閉鎖されると言うので有給を取って行ってきたのでした。
そしてこの旅行で初めて MOON Equipment Company を訪ねたのでした。
This was the same year that OCIR was closing down so I made a point to be there.
On this trip was the first time I visited MOON Equipment Company.

なんと言う偶然、Pit には MOON Disc を履いた Funny Car が
Oddly enough, in the Pits were Funny Cars equipped with MOON Discs.

そしてこの後すぐ Don Garlits が Top Fuel Dragster に MOON Discを履き
World Record を記録する等 NHRA Drag Race での MOON Discs の最後の花道を飾ったのです。
A few years later, Don Garlits and his Top Fuel Dragster equipped with MOON Discs set a NHRA Drag Race World Record.

勿論 Dean MOONは狂ったように喜んでいました。
Of course, Dean MOON was surely pleased beyond belief.

MIM #6 制作開始! – MIM #6 Production Start!

MOON Illustrated Magazine Volume 6 (MIM#6) の制作に取り掛かりました。
発売予定は 11月 15日 (月), 後一ヶ月しかないのにまだ何も進んでいません。

Be began the initial planning for MOON Illustrated Magazine Volume 6 (MIM#6).
It is tentatively set for release on Novermber 15, 2010 (Monday) which means we have about 1 month to get it done even though it’s not ever started really.

Zap が撮影した MOONEYES Summer Show, 今年の HCS にやってくる No Regrets Car Club Member Steve Wilk の Chevy S-10, Falcon Motorcycles が制作した Triumph “Kestrel Falcon”, Mark Drews も彼独特のセンスで作り上げた Triumph 等を大きく取り扱う予定です。
Content will include photos of MOONEYES Summer Show taken by Zap, HCS guests like No Regrets Car Club Member Steve Wilk and his Chevy S-10, Falcon Motorcycles “Kestrel Falcon” Triumph as well as Mark Drews’ show bike Triumph built in his own unique sense and style.

「Custom Memory」はあの Orange County International Raceway (OCIR) で取り貯めた画像を 6ページで紹介しようと思っています。 その外食いしん坊角君による横浜洋食屋巡りとか MOON Fan のお宅拝見など秋に発売の偶数号は読み物が豊富です。
カタログは 4月発売の #5号以降に発売された商品が中心となります。

Other articles and topics include “Custom Memory” which I write about a number of photos I kept over the years from Orange County International Raceway (OCIR). I’m thinking about 6 pages worth just for that. MOONEYES Staff Live to Eat, Eat to Live Sumi will create an article about Western style eateries in Yokohama. We also have a new MOON Fan article. As you may know, the previous MIM was the full catalog version so MIM#6 will be heavy on content. Of course, all the new products that have been released since April will be included as well.
Hope you enjoy this issue when it is released.

Hot Rod Custom Show 情報 (Info)

2010 Hot Rod Custom Show まで 2ヶ月無くなりました。
We are just under two months away from the 2010 Hot Rod Custom Show.
Here are the new categories/sections for the show:

1. Forever Multi Palace
3気筒以上のマルチエンジンがベースの Chopper, Bobber and Cafe を集めたパレスを展開します。
This section will be choppers, bobbers, custom and cafe style motorcycles with 3-cylinder or more based engines, considered multi-cylinder, are displayed together.

2. Street Truck Slammed Zone
車高が極限まで下げられた Street Truck 等を対象としたスラムゾーン。
This area will be dedicated to street trucks that are lowered out to the maximum limit possible from mini to full size.

3. Motorcycle Fuel Tank Paint Contest
As the title suggests, exhibit of motorcycle tanks that have been entered in this paint contest will be on display throughout the show.

4. Tribute to Robert Williams and Suzanne Williams
Kustom Kulture の Top, Robert Williams の来日を記念し 13名の日本人 Artists による作品の展示/販売。どれも力作ばかりです。
The top of the food chain in the Kustom Kulture world, Robert Williams and Suzanne Williams will be special guests and there will be a Tribute area where 13 Japanese artists have created a gallery to exhibit.

もちろん Robert の ’32 Ford Roadster & Suzanne の ’34 Ford Sedan も展示されます。
Also, as mentioned about, Robert’s ’32 Ford Roadster and Suzanne’s ’34 Ford Sedan will be on display together too.

昨年大好評だった Collectivities Alley もより多くのブースを展開予定です。
Last year’s Collectivities Alley has been renewed this year and make much bigger including booth space.

Robert Williams & Suzanne Williams
Salinas Boyz Customs Cole Foster
No Regrets CC Steve Wilk & Mini Truckin Magazine Mike Alexander
Falcon Motorcycles Ian Barry
Hippodrome Studio Jeff Decker
Dice Magazine Dean Micetech
DB Custom Leather Duane Ballard
Grant Peterson (Source Interlink Editor)
Custom Chrome (CCI) – 40th Anniversary Bikes – Bagger & Chopper

Old Gold Garage Dan Collins, Keith Weesner, Ron Covel, The Pizz, Road Dog Customs Sonny, Trophy Queen Jenny Tanner, Max Grundy, Mark Drews, Gabe Griffin, Hi-Bond Modified Rico Fodrey, Italy Sinners Alberto, イタリア Pinstriper 100% Blaster, Rod & Custom 誌 Editor Rob Fortier, Hot Bike/Street Chopper 誌 Editor Jeff Holt, Dice Magazine Editor Matt & Dean, イタリア Low Ride 誌 Editor Giuseppe, LeBeef Sweden, Freedom Machinery & Accessories (FMA), HARPOON Kustom Paint, Greasy Kulture Magazine, (Guy Bolton), Layrite/Hawleywoods (haircut/barber shop), 等世界中から Friendsが会場に集まります。

ライブ バンド
Jackie and the Cedics
Suki_ma Sangyo

詳しくは HCS Official Website をご覧ください。最新情報を都度アップしています。
For more details and the latest update about the show, please be sure to visit the HCS Official Website. We are constantly updating and linking out from there.
Let’s join together and have a exciting time this year again!

Advance Sale Tickets are on sale now.


MOON BOOK の日本語訳ができたのに、肝心の本がヨーロッパからまだ到着しない。
相手は送ったと言って早くも2ヶ月経過 何時届く事やらどこへ行っちゃた事やら。
We recently finished making a MOON BOOK Japanese edition booklet that will be included with all MOON Books we well. The book is in English but written by French photographer Laurent Bagnard so the actual shipment of the stock has to come from Europe. Unfortunately, the books have not arrived yet. The books were sent from Europe easily 2 months ago when it first released. This was sent via air too?

The translation into Japanese was difficult to do in the short amount of time we thought we initially had and as a result, takes a lot of imagination to fully understand what is being read.

今まで誰にも聞かれなかった MOON Equipment Companyを買収した経緯とかなぜ MOON USA を運営しようと思ったのかとか色々な質問を答えて行くうちに「ヨーロッパのライターだから色々不思議に思う事もあるだろうけどアメリカ & 日本の人に取っては気にもならなかった事なのかも知れない」と思いました。
A lot of details in the book are about MOON Equipment Company and why and how MOON USA management changed over time. Perhaps it is because MOONEYEs is relatively new to the European market, I’m not sure, but it seems that Japanese and Americans have known these things about MOON long ago.

As the book was being made, there were things I talked about that I never really thought about other than to myself. Now that the book is complete and I read though it all, it brings back a lot of memories.

For those of you that ordered early, we truly appreciate your patience.

と言ってたらたった今 一部入荷しました!!
And just as this post was complete, part of the shipment has arrived!!