Hot Rod Custom Show 情報 (Info)

2010 Hot Rod Custom Show まで 2ヶ月無くなりました。
We are just under two months away from the 2010 Hot Rod Custom Show.
Here are the new categories/sections for the show:

1. Forever Multi Palace
3気筒以上のマルチエンジンがベースの Chopper, Bobber and Cafe を集めたパレスを展開します。
This section will be choppers, bobbers, custom and cafe style motorcycles with 3-cylinder or more based engines, considered multi-cylinder, are displayed together.

2. Street Truck Slammed Zone
車高が極限まで下げられた Street Truck 等を対象としたスラムゾーン。
This area will be dedicated to street trucks that are lowered out to the maximum limit possible from mini to full size.

3. Motorcycle Fuel Tank Paint Contest
As the title suggests, exhibit of motorcycle tanks that have been entered in this paint contest will be on display throughout the show.

4. Tribute to Robert Williams and Suzanne Williams
Kustom Kulture の Top, Robert Williams の来日を記念し 13名の日本人 Artists による作品の展示/販売。どれも力作ばかりです。
The top of the food chain in the Kustom Kulture world, Robert Williams and Suzanne Williams will be special guests and there will be a Tribute area where 13 Japanese artists have created a gallery to exhibit.

もちろん Robert の ’32 Ford Roadster & Suzanne の ’34 Ford Sedan も展示されます。
Also, as mentioned about, Robert’s ’32 Ford Roadster and Suzanne’s ’34 Ford Sedan will be on display together too.

昨年大好評だった Collectivities Alley もより多くのブースを展開予定です。
Last year’s Collectivities Alley has been renewed this year and make much bigger including booth space.

Robert Williams & Suzanne Williams
Salinas Boyz Customs Cole Foster
No Regrets CC Steve Wilk & Mini Truckin Magazine Mike Alexander
Falcon Motorcycles Ian Barry
Hippodrome Studio Jeff Decker
Dice Magazine Dean Micetech
DB Custom Leather Duane Ballard
Grant Peterson (Source Interlink Editor)
Custom Chrome (CCI) – 40th Anniversary Bikes – Bagger & Chopper

Old Gold Garage Dan Collins, Keith Weesner, Ron Covel, The Pizz, Road Dog Customs Sonny, Trophy Queen Jenny Tanner, Max Grundy, Mark Drews, Gabe Griffin, Hi-Bond Modified Rico Fodrey, Italy Sinners Alberto, イタリア Pinstriper 100% Blaster, Rod & Custom 誌 Editor Rob Fortier, Hot Bike/Street Chopper 誌 Editor Jeff Holt, Dice Magazine Editor Matt & Dean, イタリア Low Ride 誌 Editor Giuseppe, LeBeef Sweden, Freedom Machinery & Accessories (FMA), HARPOON Kustom Paint, Greasy Kulture Magazine, (Guy Bolton), Layrite/Hawleywoods (haircut/barber shop), 等世界中から Friendsが会場に集まります。

ライブ バンド
Jackie and the Cedics
Suki_ma Sangyo

詳しくは HCS Official Website をご覧ください。最新情報を都度アップしています。
For more details and the latest update about the show, please be sure to visit the HCS Official Website. We are constantly updating and linking out from there.
Let’s join together and have a exciting time this year again!

Advance Sale Tickets are on sale now.

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