MOONEYES USA の電気関係は (Electricity)

10820 S. Norwalk Blvd. Santa Fe Spring のこの建物を Take Over してそろそろ 20年。
先週は会社全体の電気がシャットダウンし 修理代になんと $3,000, Machine Shop のも修理したら $10,000 なんてとんでもない! とは言ってもいったい誰が何時何を修理した分からないし、少なくても MOONEYES USA を始めてから何もしていなのでどの位古いか分からない。
It’s been almost 20 years since taking over the building at 10820 S. Norwalk Blvd. Santa Fe Spring.
Last week the electricity on the entire property shut down and the cost of repairs were $3,000 and that then the cost of repairs on the machine shop came to $10,000 which gave me a shock! But then, come to think of it, who, what or when… no one knows or recalls if even a small repair was ever made at MOONEYES USA before now. We don’t even know how old the electrical wiring is for that matter.

最近になり Computer 関係の調子も悪くなってきたので配線は自分達でその方が安い。
Leonard が屋根裏に入り新たな配線を引く事になったが配線の追加追加でやってきたビルはどこもかしこも配線だらけ、どれが生きているのか死んでいるかも分からないからまた新しい配線を引く、この繰り返し。
Lately, the computer connections have been bad and there were a lot of Do-It-Yourself jobs with LAN cables here and there. We’d always have Leonard climb up into the attic and run yet another cable line through the building. Next thing we knew there were LAN cables coming out all over the place. For some reason the wire would die out, so we’d just run another cable again.

Chico drilling a hole in the wall to run a cable. See, look at all the cables!

We would run a cable through the attic and pull it through but the attic looks like this.

低い梁は Dean MOON 時代の梁、高い方が MOONEYES USA になってからの梁、屋根の上に屋根を作ったから
The low beams are from Dean MOON days and the taller beams are after becoming MOONEYES USA. The roof was built on top of the roof so the older one is lower and harder to pass through.

With all these cables and most of them not working, we end up pulling a new cable.
Is that even logical at this point?

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