2011年は / What 2011 Holds

今年もあと 3日で終わりですね。 2010年最後のブログです。
来年 2011年は色々な事が節目となります。

Well, only 3 days left before the end of the year. This will be my last blog entry for 2010.
There will be several special celebrations in 2011 for MOONEYES. Here are some of the big shows for next year.

4月 24日 東京お台場で開催予定の SCN は 25回目、 12月 4日 (日) HCS は 20 回目になります。その SCN は会場の都合で 550台位 (昨年は700 台以上) の規模となるのでエントリーは台数制限に達したら打ち切りと言う事になりそうです。
20回目の HCS, 今回は Car Club を対象にした Best Car Club Award (仮名) を設け Club 単位で 雰囲気を作って貰えたらと思っています。USA からも Car Club を Guest として招待し、 20回目なので HCS 本来の車でも盛り上げたいと思っています。
まだ早いですがCar Clubの方々 ちょっと検討してみて下さい。

The first big celebration we have lined up will be Sunday April 24 in Odaiba, Tokyo where we have scheduled for the 25th Annual Street Car Nationals (SCN). The last special celebration of the year will be Sunday December 4 for the 20th Annual Hot Rod Custom Show (HCS). As for SCN, the scheduled lot holds 550 spaces but last  year was over 700 spaces used. We do want we can but the space will literally be sold out and we will have no choice but to turn away many entrants.
So if you plan on entering any show next year, please keep that in mind and enter early. This might also be the last time the events are held in Odaiba Tokyo because of development and construction.
The 20th HCS event will host a Car Club section and we’ll have a Best Car Club Award (not the official name) and we want to work in something like Club participation or club togetherness. Maybe get a Car Club from the USA as guests or something. It’s the 20th Annual for HCS so we really want to bring the level up a notch.
It’s a little too soon to start getting into who or what Car Club we should all starting looking around.

そして MOONEYES が 1986年 5 月横浜元町に Shop を構えてから丸25年になります。
それでは皆様 2010年ありがとうございました。 2011年も素晴らしい年にしましょう。
Also, MOONEYES first began its Shop in May 1986 in Yokohama’s Motomachi District and we’ll be celebrating the 25th Anniversary.
Lastly, thank you to each and everyone of you for a great 2010. Here’s looking forward to 2011, another great year with MOON.
My first BLOG entry for 2011 will be Wednesday January 5, 2011. See you…

BTW, 27日は今年最後の Party 「とりづか+こまつの ダンパだよ」へお誘い頂きお邪魔して来ました。
ワイルドワンズの鳥塚しげきさん と ヴィレッジシンガーズの小松久さん と言っても

BTW, the 27th of December was the last Party of the year with the annual Dance Party held each year hosted by Shigeki Toritsuka of the Wild Ones and Hisashi Komatsu of the Village Singers. I know there are young readers and older readers as well but these guys rocked back in the day and if you are over 50 you probably remember their music. They played some classics from the past and it was awesome.


今日はXmas. そしてMOONEYES Area-1では恒例のCurise Night.

Today is Xmas. Plus our popular Cruise Night at MOONEYES Area-1.
We have hosted many event again this year.

2月のRazzle Dazzleから始まり4月のSCN, 8月Motorcycle Swapmeet,

Starting from "Razzle Dazzle" in Feb and "Street Car Nationals" a.k.a "SCN"
on April, Motorcycle Swapmeet

9月はVW T-2 Party, All Odds Natinals, 10月今回初めての開催となった
Muscle Carだけを対象にした
Muscle Manic、21回目になったCrown Picnic,

On August and VW T-2 Party and All Odds Nationals on September,
First Muscle cars only event called "Muscle Maniac" and 21st year for "Crown Picnic" on October,

12月は毎週の何かがあり 5日にPacifico YokohamaでHCS、6日後の11日にはUSAでXmas Party Show & Drag,

Motorcycle Swapmeet on August and VW T-2 Party and All Odds Nationals on September, First Muscle cars only event called "Muscle Maniac" and 21st year for "Crown Picnic" on October, Every week various events were on December, "Hot Rod Custom Show" a.k.a HCS at Pacifico Yokohama, 6days later on 11th "Xmas Party Show & Drag" in USA,

そして翌日12日はMOONEYES USA Xmas Company Dinner,

Next day was "MOONEYES USA Xmas Company Dinner",

18日はDuece Factory Japanの25周年記念PartyがYokohama
Seaman’s Clubであり翌19日はInvitational Onlyの MOONEYES Xmas Party と

18th was 25th anniversary party for Deuce Factory Japan at Seaman’s club in Yokohama, next day on 19th was invitational only "MOONEYES Xmas Party"
and finally little break to catch up with breathing.

あとは31日、New Year’s EveのCount Down Partyだけです。

We have only one more to host on 31st, New Year’s Eve Count Down Party! at MOONEYES Area-1.

HCSは20周年、1992年12月Rat Fink Reuionとして始まったMOONEYES USA主催のMOONEYES Xmas Party Show & Dragも20周年です。


As for next year on 2011, SCN will be on its 25th anniversary, though space may be smaller as 2/3.
HCS will be on its 20th anniversary, "MOONEYES Xmas Party Show & Drag"
hosted by MOONEYES USA
will also be on its 20th Anniversary which started on December 1992 from "Rat Fink Reunion".
Looks like Various things will be happening next year.

Photo by Zap

時々凡人の僕には理解出来ない写真を撮る Zap, こういう写真は最高、Ladyを撮らせるともっと最高!

I can take this one, but sometimes a regular person like myself cannot understand how Zap takes incredible photographs.

もうすぐ Xmas/It’s Almost Xmas

Southern California も Xmas です。
ラジオからは一日中 Xmas ソングが流れています。
そのラジオ、 車のラジオが昨晩鳴らなくなってしまいました。
会社から自宅まで約 30 mile、 何も音がしない車でラジオの音も無し、 30分ですが長かったです。
ですから昨晩は Xmas ソングを聴いていません。
しかし幾つになっても Xmas は良いものですね。

It’s also Xmas in Southern California.
The radio plays Xmas songs all day long.
However, the radio in my car had not been working. Driving home from the MOONEYES Shop is 30 miles and that is a very long time when you have no sound or radio playing.
So last night, I was unable to listen to Xmas music.
This morning I got the radio fixed.
It doesn’t matter how old I get, I always like Xmas season.

MOONEYES Xmas Party Show & Drag 2010

今年の MOONEYES USA Xmas Party Show & Drag 2010 は晴天、しかも夏の様な暑さの中で開催できました。

ゲートオープンの朝6時 陽はまだ昇りません。暗いうちからどんどん車が入ってきます

大きなトラブルも無く まさにFun Place! 素晴らしい一日になりました。

This year’s MOONEYES USA Xmas Party Show & Drag 2010 was held in fine weather, in fact must like summer heat all day which was great. The gate opened at 6AM before the sun came up and cars flooded into the parking areas in the dark.

It was a fun day for all to have with no major incidents to report. All in all, a fabulous day under the Southern California sun.


Cars began coming in the gate before the sunrise.

Burbank Choppers

MOONEYES Favorite Award に輝いた Cyclon AFX

The Cyclon AFX was the MOONEYES Favorite Award pick.

Pin-up Girls

Yokohama Show の Guest Chevy S-10 “Green Inspiration”のオーナー、Steve はこんなすてきなケーキを作って来てくれました。Thank you!!

Guest with the Chevy S10 “Green Inspiration” to the Yokohama Show last weekend, Steve, made this incredible cake and came to the Xmas Show. Thank you!!

Event Staffの背中にプログラムがプリントされています。

結構 役にたったようです。

All of the Event Staff had the schedule/program printed on the back of their shirts.

It really came in handy as it was everywhere.

Yokohama Showに来てくれた Bean Bandits は DragRace に参加

Also at the Yokohama Show, the Bean Bandits were there with this awesome hot rod participating in the Drag Races.


The show came to end as the sun was setting.


The parking area was completely full and overflow of cars had to park in the race coarse parking area.

HCS 2010 DVD 撮影/HCS2010 DVD Filming

ショー前に行われた DVD 撮影の状況をお送りします。
This post is about the filming we did for the DVD before the show.

まず早朝 Mini Truck “NO REGRETS” の S10 Pickup を中心、USA Members は日本 Members の車に分乗し高速走行シーンを撮り、次が Motorcycle Guys, Metallicoupe を drive する Cole を先頭に 10台近い Motorcycle が Yokohama の街を走り抜けました。
First, in the early morning, it was mini truck club “No Regrets”, the S10 Pickup in the center with USA members driving Japan members’ cars on the express way.
Next was the motorcycle guys and the Metallicoupe driven by Cole and leading the way. Close to 10 motorcycles were following as the drove through the streets of Yokohama.

最後は Robert Williams ’32 Ford & Suzanne Williams ’34 Ford の Bay Bridge 走行シーン、今回は走行撮影を 3回に分けたためかなり見応えある内容なりました。DVDの発売2月中旬を予定しています。お楽しみに!
Last was a scene with Robert Williams ’32 Ford and Suzanne Williams ’34 Ford driving across the Bay Bridge. This year we shot three separate scenes of driving so I think that alone will be worth seeing the DVD. HCS2010 DVD is set to release in mid-Feb 2011. Stay tuned for more!

Monkey – “Have you owned a HONDA?” Honda 4台展示しました。
Displayed 4 Honda mini bikes called Monkey – “Have you owned a HONDA?”

Go Kart – ’70年代の日本製カートです。
Go Kart is from the ’70s by manufactured by a Japanese compnay.

California Blue Triumph – 新作です。1950 Triumph Speed Twin
Brand new paint scheme by Harpoon. 1950 Triumph Speed Twin “California Blue”

’60 T bird – 1976年の購入、その後売却し 2000年に戻って来た 1960 Ford T-Bird。
1960 T-bird – First bought in ’76, sold it and bought it again in 2000. Finally refreshed this year.

この CB750 カッコ良かったです!
I thought this was a cool CB750 in Multi Palace on dispaly at the show!

ショー 終了 Show is over

過去最高のエントリー数と入場者数で 2010年 の HCS は終わりました。 ご来場あ りがとうございました。
今回は 150 人を超えるメデイアの方々にもお越し頂きましたのできっと沢山の雑 誌に掲載されるのだろうと思って期待していますが。 が 身元確認の為に頂戴した名刺をチェックしていたら、何とその 1/3 の人はどう見てもメデイアでないと分かる名刺を頂いていました。
チェックが甘い 我々が悪いのですが その上を行く輩が沢山いるのに驚きです。
With a new record high in the number of entries and attendance, the 2010 HCS has come to an end. Thank you to all the visitors and everyone that was part of the show. The event this year had about 150 registrations of media people so it looks like there will be a high volume of event coverage in upcoming magazines. I do expect and hope to see these sometime soon. However, after going through and checking the media registration list and business cards, about 1/3 of the people were in no way media related. I guess it is our fault for making it so easy for registering but still, a lot of the people on this list I recognize and a few of them I know personally. On top of this there were several cases of people using fake wristbands to get in the show, it makes me ask just how far people will go to avoid paying to get in?

昨年は Little Get Together Party の入場券のカラーコピー版が発券されたり、 その前は出展者駐車場券のコーピー物発覚とか ま とにかく セコイ、情けない の一言ですね。
リストバンドの着用を求めると 面倒臭そうな表情の人や、一言何か言う人や、 楽しく、 気持ち良く物事を進め対めたいものです。
Last year, we found an incident of color copies that were made of the tickets for the Little Get Together and another time of vendor parking passes being copied. I mean, that’s just cheap and pitiful to say the least. At the entrance areas where staff have to check wristbands, it’s like they are the “bad guys” for asking, they get dirty looks, smirks and sly comments as if they are troubling everyone walking through. I mean, where is the smiles and fun positive vibes from these people? Aren’t they happy to be there? Don’t they want to be there? I really try to keep everything about the show precise with straight forward guidelines to keep things on track.

Free で入るチャンレジするのも分かりますが、開催している方の事も考えてみ て下さい。
The number of incidents have reached a point where it’s not possible to ignore anymore.
I can understand the mindset of the challenge to get in free, but think about all the others that are part of the event.
That said, again, this is only a very small handful of people taking doing this sort of thing.

この日を楽しみに前売り券/当日券を購入し入場された方々は 一日存分に楽し まれた事と思います。
ご来場ありがとうございました。 またエントラント皆様もありがとうございました。
I do believe everyone that did purchased advance tickets/tickets at the gate and truly took part in the event really enjoyed themselves to their hearts content. Thank you for your attendance. Again, thank you to each entrant that was part of the show.
It is without a doubt, an event doesn’t happen without the entrants and each person in attendance.
Thank you for your cooperation.

今年は 5-6 回近隣から騒音/違法駐車で警察の方にお越し頂きました。
周辺はマンションもあるので近隣に迷惑をかけるショーの存続は考えなくてはいけ ない状況でもあります。
来年は 20周年です。
This year there were about 5-6 calls from neighboring areas of noise complaints/parking issues and illegal activity that had the police involved. I think it goes without saying that we’ll have to consider this in planning future shows because there are neighboring residents and condominiums in the vicinity and we don’t want to bother them or cause them any trouble.
Next year will be the 20th anniversary.


遂に明日になりました。準備に追われ staff の皆は大変でした。
今晩の Pre-Party 最近はそう呼ばれる事が多くなった Little Get Together Party ですが
今年は何と嬉しい事に600人近い参加者となりちっとも 「Little」 ではなくなりました。
その Party 後は DicE Magazine Party と Bean Bandits Party がそれぞれ違う場所で開催されます。
僕らはその間に Award 選考です。
Finally, tomorrow has come. The staff here have been scrambling to make final preparations.
Tonight is the Pre-Party, which is what has become its common name for the Little Get Together Party but this I am pleased to announce there are close to 600 people attending so maybe it’s not “Little” any longer.
After the party there are after parties including the DicE Magazine Party and Bean Bandits Party but both are in different locations.
During the after parties, we’ll be going through the award selection process at the event hall.

そしてショー当日、 Ride In を見たい方で早くから入場口が混み合いますので
今年は状況次第では少し早く Gate Open しようかと思っています。
4台の車と9台のバイクの Ride In を予定しています。
昼頃には Robert Williams & Suzanne Williams Booth でインタビューがあり表彰式は15:30位から、
今年は 30 Awards が用意されているので少し時間が掛かるかもしれませんが
Then, the main event on Sunday begins with the Ride In so if you want to be in a good spot to see it, you will need to be line up to get in early because the gate will open officially at 9AM and the Ride In is scheduled for 9:30AM.
There are 4 cars and 9 motorcycles scheduled for the Ride In.
At about noon, there will be a live interview with Robert Williams and Suzanne Williams over at their booth. At around 3:30PM we’ll present the awards on the main stage. This year, we have 30 Awards to announce so it looks like it will be longer than previous years.
I hope everyone sticks around to the end.

Little Get Together 2009

その他にも Live Music など盛り沢山、外国からの販売ブースも沢山あります。
今年は Harley-Davidson Japan の大きなブースもありショーを盛り上げてくれる事と思います。
また今年初の企画 Motorcycle Fuel Tank Paint Contest は 40件以上もエントリーがあり、しかもTaiwanから2名も参加します。

Multi Palace, Street Truck Slammed Zone 等見所沢山、このブログを読むより明日会場へいらして下さい。
皆で Happy な一日を一緒に過ごしましょう。

もちろん MOONEYES でも Shop 閉店までは購入できますのでご利用下さい。

Little Get Together 2008

Of course, as we have each year, there will be Live Music throughout the day, many vendors and foreign shops this year too. This year we have Harley-Davidson Japan taking part with a large display that I think will be interesting to see. Also this year will feature a few new sections as we have mentioned before. The Motorcycle Fuel Tank Paint Contest has over 40 entries to see and even 2 from Taiwan were entered. Multi Palace, Street Truck Slammed Zone has a lot to see too. If you are free tomorrow and are reading this blog, you will want to see all this in person right here in Yokohama.
I hope everyone joins us and has a happy day with the whole family.
Oh, and don’t forget MOONEYES has limited event only items at the MOONEYES Shop in the event hall.
Hope to see you all there tomorrow!