On the Freeway…

今日 Freeway で、一瞬 Police かと思い Speed を緩めましたが
よく見ると Traffic Control の Police のようで平気で皆追い越していました。
On the Freeway today, I thought I saw a pair of motorcycle police so I quickly eased up on my speed. However, then I realized it was Traffic Control instead and everyone was passing without any concerns.

Traffic Control ってよくお葬式の長い列を誘導してるのを見かけます。
それにしても古い Kawasaki のバイク、そして巨漢な方々でした。
I usually see Traffic Control directing traffic in funeral processions or at intersections blocking traffic to keep the funeral service going together and making sure the line doesn’t get separated.
But check out the old Kawasaki bikes their on, and the size of these guys.

この Kawasaki は相当古そうです。
This Kawasaki is fairly old.

A very nostalgic style indeed.

This is the type you don’t want to pass up.

Little Tokyo – 小東京

久しぶりに LA にある小東京に行ってきました。そう Little Tokyo の事です。
その中に日本村 (Japanese Village) と言う商店街があります。
なぜかそんな場所で Hot Rod 系ウェアー等を扱う “Kools” と言うお店があります。
珍しい場所で珍しい商売をやっているのがオーナーの Masato-san,
It’s been a while since I went to Little Tokyo in LA, so we went the other night.
Inside Little Tokyo is a shopping area called Japanese Village.
For some reason, there’s a Hot Rod style clothing shop called “Kools” there too.
It’s an unusual business in an unusual location, however the owner is Japanese, named Masato.
If you are ever in the area of Little Tokyo, be sure to stop by his shop and say hello.
On a side note, compared to a period before, Little Tokyo has become a lively place and a pleasant place to visit.

Little Tokyo の Main Street “1st Street”

It is just like a mini version of Tokyo.

古い写真にも出ているサイン “Chop Suey” など
There are popular vintage neon signs that you might see in old photos, like “Chop Suey” etc.

小東京にある日本村 Japan Village 内にある “Kools”
In Little Tokyo’s Japan Village is this shop called “Kools”.

Shop 内に展示したあった古い Fuel Injection 何でも日系の Midget Racer が作った物らしいです。
Inside the shop you can see very old Fuel Injection. According to Masato, it was built by a Japanese-American Midget Racer from back in the day.

Leaving from Haneda / 羽田発

Orange County Int'l Airport
Orange County Int’l Airport (SNA) に到着、すいています、のどかです。
When we arrived at Orange County Int’l Airport (SNA), it was slow and quite.

この所 羽田 (HND) 発 San Francisco (SFO) 経由, Orange County Int’l Airport (SNA) で USA に行ってます。
For travels to the USA, I have recently started using the Haneda (HND) departure for San Francisco (SFO) route, then transfer on to Orange County Int’l Airport (SNA).

夜中に HND を出ると同じ日の夜 7:30 頃 SNA に到着します。
SNA – Santa Ana Airport の略ですが この Orange County Int’l Airport, John Wayne Airport とか 3個も名前があります。
分かりづらいですね。ちなみ僕は Orange County と呼んでいます。
The plane leaves at midnight from HND and by the time I arrive in SNA it’s 7:30PM the same night. SNA which is the acronym for Santa Ana Airport has several names like Orange County Int’l Airport, John Wayne Airport and it starts to get confusing.  I usually call it just Orange County.
Layover at SFO
SFO で 2時間の乗り継ぎがありますが ここで休憩し SNA までは 1時間位、 SNA には Dinner Time に到着です。
We had a 2 hour layover at SFO so we rested at this bar. SNA is just over an hour away. We’ll arrive in SNA at Dinner Time.

LAX に直行の方が少し早いですが SNA は空いてますし荷物も早くピックアップできるのでスーと出れます。
Flying direct from Japan to LAX saves some time but going the SNA route, the airport is not crowded and you pick up your baggage a lot faster.

LAX から OC まで夕方で混んでいる Freeway を走るより楽かもしれません。羽田発時差ぼけも少ない感じです。
From LAX to OC in the late afternoon on the Freeway, forget it. But you can take it easy by landing in OC. Also, flying from Haneda, I feel like I have less jet-lag as well.

Right Hand Drive 1964 Toyota

南CaliforniaのFreewayを走る1964 Toyota Crown Pick Up、 

1964 Toyota Crown Pick Up driving on freeway in Southern California, blending into the
scene, expect for the driver.

MOONEYES Area-1駐車場 – Parking

MOONEYES Area-1 の道をはさんだ反対側、 日、 祭日等に使用していた臨時駐車場が 2月一杯で使え無くなります。

この広大な土地は国の管理となるそうで、 近い将来売られるそうですからここにも大きな集合住宅が出来るでしょう。 横浜の街の 中心でこんな空き地がいつまでも残っている事が不思議なくらいだったので仕方ありません。

さてこれからお客様 Parking をどうするか大きな課題が残りました。
あと 1ヶ月で結論を出さないと行けません。

Across the street behind MOONEYES Area-1 is a large open parking lot that we have used on Sundays and holidays, however at the end of next month (Feb) it will no longer be available for use.

This huge area of land maintained by the government will most likely be sold for development in the near future and will become a large apartment structure or something. We have been very fortunate all this time to have such a large open area for our use in the heart of Yokohama. It’s been a miracle that we have had access to it all this time so we really can’t complain.

However, this brings up customer parking. Now we have to figure out a new parking plan. At least we have one month to figure out what to do.

Sunday Afternoon

何とこんな身近な所にポリスカーが それも4台も。 あまりいい気持ちではありませんね。
この際だからよーくポリスカーを見てみると “POLICE” の文字はエアブラシで描かれいます。
場所柄 海と空をイメージしたのでしょうかお洒落です。
街もこのイメージのみたいに Peaceful でありたいですね。

The other day I was surprised to see four police cars parked nearby. Immediate thoughts come to mind as to why there are four parked here. Curious, I was checking it out and noticed the POLICE is actually airbrushed on these cars. Maybe it was the spot it was parked and the sunny skies and palm trees but it was a pleasant view.
The street image had a peaceful feeling about it at that moment.


ちょっと遅れて会社に来てみたら、何と名古屋の老舗 Car Club 圧力団体???? オスの
良く知っている方々が Shop で買い物中でした。
I arrived at MOONEYES Shop in the afternoon the other day and to my surprise there was a group from an old Car Club in Nagoya were shopping inside the store.
Mooneyes Dragster Machine Shop
折角なので Machine Shop 等を案内し、最後にサインの前で記念写真をらせて頂きました。
They came all this way so I took them around the Machine Shop and gave them a tour and at the end they took a souvenir photo in front of the sign out front.
Thank you very much for visiting!

新年 / New Year

2011年始まりました。 今年も 2日& 3日で沢山の方にご来店頂きありがとうございます。
2011 has started. On the 2nd and 3rd day of the year, there were a lot of visitors to MOONEYES Area-1 store. Thank you very much for visiting. We hope to continue serving you this year.
One Low の皆様/Everyone from One Low Kannon Crown 大事にされていい感じです。
One Low の皆様 (左); Toyota LHD Kannon Crown 大事にされていい感じです (右)。
Everyone from One Low (Left); Toyota LHD “Kannon” Crown being taken good care of and looks good (Right).

MOPAR の皆様 / MOPAR Family MOPAR がずらりと / The MOPAR Lineup
MOPAR の皆様 (左); MOPAR がずらりと (右)。
MOPAR Family (Left); The MOPAR Lineup (Right).
デカ!!! MOONEYES Fan "M"! / HUGE! Mooneyes Fan "M"!
デカ!!! MOONEYES Fan “M”!
HUGE! Mooneyes Fan “M”!

Fortune Bags On Sale January 2nd
2日は初売り福袋でした。/ Limited Edition Fortune Bags On Sale from the 2nd. AREA-1 Customers Line Up for Fortune Bags AREA-1 Limited Edition Fortune Bags
2日は初売り福袋でした。/ Limited Edition Fortune Bags On Sale from the 2nd.

OSCA の皆様 / Everyone from OSCA
OSCA の皆様 / Everyone from OSCA

Triumph Chopper “California Blue”

久々の Triumph, 1950 Speed Twin “California Blue” Chopper
作ったいいけどフロントブレーキ無く、左足ブレーキでは 僕の場合間違いなく何かぶつかるだろうから乗れない。
It’s been a while but the 1950 Triumph Speed Twin “California Blue” Chopper was completed finally. I’d been wanting to build this bike for a while but with no front brake and the left foot brake, I was certain I would have difficulty riding it.


“You won’t ride it so why did you get it built?”
I wanted to see it built,” is the only answer I can think of.

Paint は Harpoon Kustom Paint, ちょっと古めの Riser に短めの Handlebar、Front Tire は中古の Avon Speedmaster 275-21, Rear は Hub Cushion 付き19″ をそのまま使用、Muffler は MOONEYES Original “Turn Out” Style, Seat は Bull Original 製、Head Light はまだ試作段階、これからまた形が変わります。Sissy Bar に Rat Fink Tail Lamp, Gas Cap は MOONEYES Original 3 Fin Type, この Triumph 何気にいい感じです。制作は横浜IM Factory です。
Paint was done by Harpoon Kustom Paint, the front end has slightly older risers with short handlebars and the front tire is a used Avon Speedmaster 275-21. On the rear is a Hub Cushion 19″ rim, the dual exhaust features MOONEYES Original Turn Out style tips, the saddle is handmade by Bull Original, the head light is a prototype which will be slightly different when the product is made. Sissy bar is where the Rat Fink Tail Lamp (brake light) is mounted over the license plate, the gas cap on the tank is an Original MOONEYES 3 Fin Type and all in all the Triumph just came together and looks sharp. It was all put together by IM Factory in Yokohama.