Street Car Nationals これでいいかな?

4月24日 (日) 開催予定の第25回 Street Car Nationals に関して質問が多くあ ります。
現時点ではチャリテイー等を行い被災地の方々へ何か出来れば と思っています。
しかし、ガソリン供給や、交通網整備等色々な問題があります ので

We have been getting a lot of questions about the 25th Annual Street Car Nationals event scheduled for April 24 (Sunday). At the present moment, we are thinking of having a charity related event during SCN that will go towards the victims affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

However, there are all sorts of other issues including the gasoline limitations, traffic network conditions and such that we are considering the best solution and will have a final official update about the event by the end of this month. Either the date stays the same, we delay it or cancel it, we’ll have more details soon.

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