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2-3 Report Information
SCN 2011 Poster1. 4月24日(日)お台場で Street Car Nationals (SCN) を開催する事は前回報告させて頂きました。
チャリテイー等の内容は色々検討中です。 4月初めに発表します。

1. In a recent post we talked about Street Car Nationals (SCN) and the scheduled date. The date will remain as Sunday April 24, 2011 in Odaiba Tokyo, Aomi Parking Area.
We will also have a charity event which we are looking into now and will post a notice in April.

2. 3月中は閉鎖となっていた MOONEYES Area-1 裏側
通称 MOONEYES Area-1 Fairgrounds (勝手にこう呼んでいます) が 4月3日 (日曜日) から日曜日、 祝祭日に限り管理団体の好意により使用可能となりました。 色々使い方に制限はありますが従来通り MOONEYES Area-1 & MOON Cafe をご利用にお客様に限り Free で駐車して頂ける事になりました。

2. Beginning on March 1, the parking area located in the back of MOONEYES Area-1, also known as MOONEYES Area-1 Fairgrounds (unofficial name) it was closed indefinitely. However, starting Sunday April 3, Sundays and holidays will be available for use for FREE to MOONEYES Area-1 and MOON Cafe customers by the generosity of the land management company. We hope to see you soon.

MIM #7

3. MOON Illustrated Magazine #7 w/ MOONEYES Complete Catalog は 4月24日(日) SCN 会場で発売開始出来る様に Staff が全力で作成しています。 今年の HCS にゲストして来日予定の “Bean Bandit” を大々的に Feature し、 20″ MOON Saturn Discs 装着の Project Car の報告や、Wildman One Shot 講座、 横浜食べ物ガイド等 色々お届けします。
3. MOON ILLUSTRATED Magazine #7 w/MOONEYES Complete Catalog will be available on Sunday April 24 at SCN event and the staff putting it all together are working at full speed to get it ready by the deadline. Scheduled to be guests at HCS this year, this issue of MIM has a grand feature on “Bean Bandits” (shown on cover) and also features 20″ MOON Saturn Discs equipped project car, Wildman One Shot commentary, what to eat in Yokohama and much more.

4. 先になりますが 5月17日(日) は MOONEYES 25周年です。 早いのか長いのか? MOONEYES USA は MOON Equipment Company 時代から60周年になり 2012年 MOONEYES USA は20周年です。
4. Still ahead a couple months, Sunday May 17 the 25th Anniversay of MOONEYES. Was it fast or long I can’t really tell? MOONEYES USA goes by to MOON Equipment Company for over 60 years this year and in 2012, MOONEYES USA will celebrate the 20th Anniversary.

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