パームツリー / Palm Trees

前回ブログMOONEYES USA の Palm Tree をカットした事を書きました。
アミーゴは高〜い2本の Palm Tree をカットし、新しい Palm Tree を2本植え代える約束だったのに
Last month I posted about the MOONEYES USA Palm Trees being cut down.
The people came to cut the two palms down and were supposed to plant two new trees as well. However, after cutting the two trees they left and never came back to finish the job. Also, the trees they cut down were left behind as well.

代金は$200しか払っていなかったので良かったのですが 伸びきった Palm Tree 2本分の残骸と新たに植える
結局残骸はこちらで処分したのですが植えてくれる所が見つかりません (本当かね)
On the bright side it was $200 and could have been much worse. In any case, we had to find a way to get rid of the cut down trees and figure out what to do next. Maybe it was lost in translation but the tree cutters left and never returned.
After everything was said and done, we were unable to or locate a place to take the trees for replanting (I wonder about this) and ended up disposing the old trees.

そうこうしているうちに1ヶ月が経ってしまった4月14日、久しぶりに MOONEYES USA に来てみると
なんと朝から Chico, Darren, Leonard and Go-kun の4名でPalm Tree を植えようとしているではありませんか。
これを自分達で植えようなんてChicoで無ければ考えつかない事ですが 彼はやっちゃうのです。
Now a month or so later, April 14, I arrive at MOONEYES USA in the morning and see Chico, Darren, Leonard and GO-kun out front with palm trees getting ready to plant. I wonder if they planned on doing this on the day I came on purpose, but the tree were a nice height, just right.

Palm Tree は沢山の細い根で支えられていのでその根の処理が大変
These palm trees have a lot of small thin roots and makes it hard to deal with initially.

To help with the handling of the roots, a bag is covered over it.

Chico も Leonard も
Chico & Leonard working

そしてGo-kun も
Go-kun helped out as well.

疲れが見えてきた Chico
You could notice Chico was getting tired.

Leonard も
Leonard too.

Go kun も疲れています。
GO-Kun was tired as well

Darren was fine though.

First one going in.

Getting it in place.

どうですか、 やっと1本立ちました。
Finally, one plam tree in place.

と Bob がやってきて 「自分達でやっんの〜」。
Bob finally came outside and was laughing lie, “You all are doing it yourself?”

Second one coming up and in place.

この2本も、 20年も経てば以前の様な高さになります。
これで記念写真に Palm Tree が入れやすくなりました。
Now I wonder if these two will last 20 years like the first ones. They’ll probably get really tall too. But for a while, they will be perfect size for souvenir photos in front of MOONEYES.

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