Santa Maria 2011

Santa Maria へ行って来ました。少し風が強かったですが Kustoms & Hot Rods が沢山参加していました。
I went to Santa Maria (West Coast Customs, Cruisin’ Nationals). The were some strong winds but the weather was nice and there were tons of Kustoms & Hot Rods everywhere.
Enjoy some of the photos below.

取材中の Cruisin 編集長 岡村君
Cruisin Magazine (Japan) chief editor Mr. Okamura taking some photos.

大変珍しい車を発見、1953 Nash-Healey です。早速画像をマニアのWildmanに送るとこんな返事が帰ってきました。
I saw this very unusual car, a 1953 Nash-Healey. I immediately sent these photos to auto enthusiast Wildman and this is what he responded with. 

“Nash Healey 凄いクルマですね・・・・・

このクルマは50年代に Austin Healey で成功したドナルド・ヒーレイが Nash との コラボレーションで生まれた米英合作の高級スポーツカーです。
このデザインは2型のはずなのでピニンファリーナボディーに Nash 製直 6エンジンの組み合わせだと思います。
50年代当時から今日まで日本には1台も存在していない はずです、知っている人もあまりいませんが。
この車の後ろ姿は雑誌等では殆ど見たことがないので大変 貴重な資料になりました。  
世界的に見ても珍車ですので、以前の Dual Ghia L6,4も 含めてこのような車を見られた Shige-san が羨ましいです。

Nash-Healy, what a wonderful car…
This car was created in the 50s when Austin-Healey was successful with Donald Healey in the U.K. and they decided to do a collaboration with Nash in the U.S.A. to make a high-class sports car.
This car looks to be the second model which was a Pinin Farina body, Nash supplied straight-six engine, I believe.
Since its inception in the 50s to now, I am quite positive that there has never been one here in Japan, it’s that rare and there are many that don’t know of this car.
This cars appearance from behind is extremely rare as it was rarely shown in magazines at the time so it was valuable data to see. Indeed it’s a rare car, possibly as rare as a Dual Ghia L6.4 and the fact that you [Shige] got to see one in person, I’m quite jealous.
Studio Ishii “WILDMAN”

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