今回は MOONEYES USA にある古い物特集です。
Dean が残した物は何一つ捨てていません。
This post features a lot of the old antiques that have been collected over time here at MOONEYES USA. Next time you are here for a visit, be sure to look for them.
There are a lot of old things all over the place too.
Everything that Dean MOON left behind was kept and nothing was thrown away.
Even now, there are a lot of things that are still in use.
All of it is still active duty.

上は住所がまだ Santa Fe Springs になる前のステッカー
下の黄色丸に MOON Equipped も今はありません。
The sticker above was made before MOON Equipment Company had a Santa Fe Springs address.
The round yellow sticker below it with MOON Equipped is no longer made.
This cabinet is super old too.

1/2 Mile Drags ってどう言うのでしょうか?
I wonder what it was like to have 1/2 Mile Drags?

Roadster のホイルは MOON Discs ではありません。
The wheels on the Roadster don’t have MOON Discs.

ここは70年代のステッカー、 上のインテークは
Big Block Chevy 様 Weber Down Draft Intake です。
These are all 70s era stickers, the intake manifold on top is for a big block Chevy, Weber Down Draft setup.

Firestone Drag 500 Slick Tire & Dragmaster Chassis

Garage のドアは 50年代からの物、 以上に重たいです。
The garage door is from the 50s, it’s incredibly heavy.

中央の MOON Discs は Mickey Thompson’s Challenger に装着されていた物。
手前のつぶれた MOON Fuel Tank は Dragster でひっくり返った時の物です。
The MOON Disc in the center was actually used on Mickey Thompson’s Challenger. In front of that, the crushed MOON Fuel Tank is from the Dragster when it flipped over. The cabinet is obviously old.

Original Potvin のステッカー
Original Potvin sticker. This shelf is really old!

Old magnesium wheels, of course, 5-spoke.

ラベルもそのまま残っている Goodyear Blue Streak Speedway Special Tire、 新品です。
Still with label intact, these Goodyear Blue Streak Speedway Special tires are brand new.

これは新製品の Mini Brake Pedal、 車にもバイクに使えます。
This is a new item, Mini Brake Pedal, which can be used for cars and bikes.

Chico が Swap Meet で見つけてきた古いバイク。
Chico picked up this old bike from the swap meet.

これは Tim の陸王、 後ろは Wade の Sportster。
This is Tim’s Rikuo (Japanese side-valve Harley), behind it is Wade’s Sportster.

Intake と Injection のコレクション
This area is the intake & injection collection.

メモラビリアが沢山、 Dean MOON の Passport もあります。
Lots of memorabilia, Dean MOON’s passport is kept here too.

US Gauge 製 MOON Gauges & others.
Showcase with instruments by a company called US Gauge. Old MOON Gauges were made by them.

最近 気に入っているレストラン “Blue Fin”、 関係ないか!?
Recently been interested in this restaurant called “Blue Fin” but that’s another story.

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