偽物発見 / Fake Items Seen

Gold Coast の Queensland州 Brisbane は冬の終わりと言っても 南California の様な暖かい気候で大変過ごしやす場所のようです。
今回は Wildman が Greazefest と言うイベントに招待されたのでお付きで行って来たのでした。
It’s been many years since I last visited Australia.
In Brisbane, Queensland on the Gold Coast, winter is just finishing up but the weather is much like Southern California and the area is easy to get around in.
The reason for our visit was Wildman was a featured guest for Greazefest this year.

他の土地に行くと必ずあるのが偽物 MOON 商品、 今回はこの2点です。 本来はそんなハズありません。
At the event, I saw a couple fake MOON products, such as these two items. I am certain these are not genuine. The last time I was in Australia there were quite a lot of fake items.
Although this time there were fewer, it could be because it was announced that MOONEYES was going to be here.

This was a sticker on a customer’s helmet. He didn’t realize it was fake and so we swapped it for a real one.

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