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土日は Drag Safari, Race on Saturday and Race on Sunday, too!!
土曜日は福島の民間飛行場で開催された PRA の Drag Festa in Fukushima へ
Vega と Camaro の 2台、 Exhibition で参加させて貰いました。
全長 800mの滑走路を使い 1/8 mile をタイム計測するイベント、Race ではありません。
よくこんな場所を見つけたと思います。やはり 「Drag Race をやりたい!」 と言う
This past weekend we did a Drag Safari, race on Saturday and race on Sunday too!
On Saturday, we attended the PRA Drag Festa in Fukushima (northern Japan) with the blue Vega and red Camaro. We had exhibition matches.
The event was held on an 800m runway, sectioned off for a 1/8th mile course. This was my first time running a 1/8 mile this year. The weather wasn’t that great the area is so nice if the sun was out it would have been a spectacular day. We were happy that this location was found and able to use! I don’t know how they did it. We all just wanted to drag race! Now that thought is a reality.

日曜日はモテギで Super American Sunday, Street Shootout が開催させるので
Drag Fest 終了後、Race Car を積載車に載せ福島からモテギへ移動です。
何と 3時間少々でモテギに到着、お陰さまで夕食にも間に合いました。
積載車 2台でレース場からレース場へとまさに Drag Safari の週末です。
On Sunday was the Super American Sunday, Street Shootout in MOTEGI so after the Drag Fest was finished the day before we loaded up the race cars on the haulers and left Fukushima for Motegi. I didn’t think it would be that much of a distance but the car navigation system calculated it to be a 4 hour trip!!
A customer told us about a route from Shirakawa to Motegi being much faster so the entire road trip there was on a single two-way blacktop. Next thing you know, we arrived in Motegi at just over 3 hours. It was because of their tip, we made it there in good time. Thank you.
With two haulers we went from one drag strip to another. That was our Drag Safari for the weekend.

日曜日は晴れ上がって素晴らしいレース日和となり、 Big Time MQQNEYES Fan の
ウッチー事内田君はこの日が初レース、とは言いながら予選と通過 Top 8台が残れる
Quick 8 に進んだのですから大した物です。 Quick 8 ではウッチーも Vega も 1回戦敗退になってしまいましたが決勝に残れたのですから凄いです。
僕も Quick 8 には残れました (と言ってもエントリー 8台だけですから) が 2回戦で敗退でした。
The weather on Sunday in Motegi was wonderful and sunny. Great day for racing. Big Time MQQNEYES Fan “Ucchi” was making his debut race on this day. That said, in the end, he was one of the Top 8 times, the Quick 8, so it was quite an achievement. The Vega and Ucchi were eliminated in the first race of the Quick 8 but they made it there so that is super. I made it into the Quick 8 as well (even though there were only 8 entries) and got eliminated after the 2nd round.

2日間、 Drag Race 漬け、素晴らしい夏休みとなりました。
The two days were soaked in Drag Racing. This was a memorable summer event.

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