“Tri Co” New Shop by Dice Magazine in Hollywood

Dice Magazine Matt and Dean そして Great Frog Jewelry Company の Reino, Dixie Clothingの Tubbs により New Shop “Tri Co” が Hollywood Blvd. に Open しました。
4657 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90027

Matt and Dean from Dice Magazine, along with Reino of Great Frog Jewelry Company and Tubbs from Dixie Clothing opened a new shop called “Tri Co” on Hollywood Blvd.
4657 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90027

向かって左隣は Motorcycle系 の Clothing 等と売る “Glory” と言う洒落たお店、 右隣は “Umami Burger” と言う Hamburger Shop, Umami は日本語の旨味から来ているそうです。 Umami Burger お勧めです!
Directly across from them is a motorcycle clothing fashion store called “Glory” and right next door is “Umami Burger” hamburger shop. The word UMAMI is said to be taken directly from the Japanese word meaning “good flavor”. Their Umami Burger is highly recommended.

その先には Barber Shop もあり、 Wako と言う楽しい雑貨等は販売する店もあり、 半日は楽しめます。
最近の LA はお洒落になって来ました。
Just past their shop is a barber shop and Wako, a fun store with all kinds of miscellaneous items you can spend half a day in there. LA has become stylish over the years.

Newport Beach から LA 迄約 50 mile (80km), 4.10 の Rear End に Dominator 級の大きな Carb が 2個ですから One Tank で往復できるかどうか?
Newport Beach to LA is about 50 miles (80km). With a 4.10 rear end and two Dominator class, huge carbs, I wondered if it were possible to make a round trip on one tank.

Even for a Saturday, the roads were quite empty.

今は Outlet ですが昔は Uniroyal Tire の工場だったのです。 当時はこんな奇麗ではなかったので近寄りがたい感じでした。
It’s now an Outlet but once was a Uniroyal Tire factory. In those days, you didn’t want to go near it because it wasn’t this nice looking.

Downtown LA のビルが見えて来ました。 4th Street です。
You can see downtown LA buildings. This is 4th Street.

101 (FWY) を Vermont (Exit) で下りたら救急車が来たので右に寄って全車ストップ、 日本では止まらない車が多いですね、 USA では緊急自動車に道を譲らないと通報されてお仕置きを受ける事があるそうです。
日本でもその位しない駄目ですね。 ところで USA の緊急自動車はあっと言う間走り去って行きますが
日本のは譲ってもまだ前を走っている事が多々あります。 でもさすがに抜いてしまう人は今の所居ませんね。 当たり前か!?
When we got off 101 (FWY) at Vermont (Exit) there was an ambulance approaching so we pulled to over and came to a complete stop. In Japan, most cars don’t stop but in the USA, traffic pulls to the side and clears a path for emergency vehicles because there are severe fines if you don’t. Japan should also have these fines too. Also, emergency vehicles pass at a fast pace but in Japan, even after the emergency vehicle passes, you can usually see it in front of you for a while. However, I haven’t seen a anybody passing with the emergency vehicles.

Tri Co の前には沢山のバイクが、 駐車する所がありません!
LA はこれが大変です。
There were a lot of bikes in front of Tri Co, but no car parking!
This is common in LA.

Inside the shop was super busy, I will definitely come again when it’s less crowded.

Wildman 製作の Shop Open 記念の Disc を持つのは Dice Magazine の Matt。
Matt from Dice Magazine with a Wildman painted MOON Disc for the grand opening.

Dean, Chico and Matt

Shinya Kimuraさん (今年の HCS2011 ゲスト) のやって来ました。
Shinya Kimura, this year’s HCS2011 guest, was there too.

ここが “Umami Burger” 是非ここの旨味バーガーをお試し下さい。
This is “Umami Burger” so be sure to stop in here for a bite to eat.

お洒落な Barber Shop と色々な物がある Wako
A stylish Barber Shop and miscellaneous goods shop Wako.

Glory は Motorcycle系 Clothing 等を扱うお洒落なお店です。
Glory is a very stylish motorcycle clothing store.

左からGlory, Tri Co and Umami Burger
From the left: Glory, Tri Co. and Umami Burger

帰り道が心配なので Gas を補給。
We were a bit worried about getting home so we stopped for gas.

Freeway が渋滞していたので下道で Downtown LA を通過する事にしました。 
Vermont と 3rd の交差点、懐かしいなあ〜
The Freeway was backed up so we decided to go through downtown LA.
At the Vermont & 3rd intersection. Nostalgic feeling…

このトンネルを抜け Broadway 等をパスし Little Tokyo へ入ります。
When you go through this tunnel you pass Broadway and enter Little Tokyo.

裏 Little Tokyo です。通称 “J-Town”
The back of Little Tokyo. It’s also called “J-Town”.
It’s very nice now, unlike a long time ago it was in bad shape.
It also doesn’t seem dangerous like before either.

でも J-Town を過ぎ East LA 方向に走るとこんな感じ、何となく危険?
However, J-Town is right next to East LA and the scenery changes.
I wonder if this hotel is actually open?

気味が悪いので思いっきりアクセルを踏んで一気に Freeway を目指します。
久しぶりに Hot Rod で街を走り、 やはり LA は Hot Rod が似合うなと再確認できたのでした。
Once the mood changed, we got nervous and floored it onto the Freeway.
Of course it was for the purpose of getting home safely.
It’s been a long time since having a drive on the street of LA with a hot rod. This reconfirms that LA and hot rods are a perfect match.

Freeway をぶっ飛ばしています!
Flying on the Freeway!

すると Chevy “VOLT” を発見!!
Look, it’s the new Chevy “VOLT”!!

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