New Vans/MQQNEYES Shoes will be available at Hot Rod Custom Show 2011!

New Design, VANS x MQQNEYES Shoes
12月4日(日)パシフィコ ヨコハマ で開催の 第20回 Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2011 で発売開始となります。
MQQNEYES ブース 及び ABC Mart ブースで 通常は税込み 6,090円ですがショー会場では6,000円で販売します。
MQQN Logo 入りの Shoelace (靴ひも) & Shoehorn (靴べら)、 そして Special Design Box、 特別な1足、 日本販売限定商品です。
New design, VANS x MQQNEYES shoes go on sale beginning December 4 (Sunday) during the 20th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show at the Pacifico Yokohama, Japan.
The shoes will be available at select ABC Marts (shoe stores) in Japan for 6,090 Yen but during the event, it will be on sale at the ABC Mart booth and MOONEYES booth for 6,000 Yen.
Two sets of MQQN Logo shoelaces, a shoehorn and a special design VANS shoebox. These shoes are only available in Japan through ABC Mart shoe stores and MOONEYES.

Bonneville World Final 2011 に行っていた #533 Car and Chico ですが
悪天候の為 Race は中止となり戻ってくるそうです。
Chico and the #533 modified roadster headed to Bonneville World Finals this week however, the bad weather prevented them from racing and the event was canceled. They are heading home.
He will have to wait until next year to take the challenge.

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