22nd Crown Picnic

10月30日 (日) 22回目の Crown Picnic が本牧山頂公園駐車場で開催されました。
最近では TV コマーシャルにも出る位、 メジャーな旧車になった Toyota Crown, 良い車です。

It was the 22nd Annual Crown Picnic on Sunday October 30th in Honmoku Sancho Koen (Honmoku Hilltop Park).
The weather was great and a lot of Crowns showed up too.
There’s a recent TV commercial that features an old Toyota Crown, which has made the car gain some popularity.

その宣伝の為 Dr. Maehara はタキシード姿で参加して下さいました。

This weeked there’s an old Japanese domestic car event in Kiryu.
As a special promotion of the event, Dr. Maehara was dressed in a tuxedo.

MS50系シリーズの後期型です。 / Late model MS50 series

Namida (teardrop) tail light, manufactured in 1963. The following year, 1964, the change the tail light design.

1963 Toyopet (昔はトヨタでなくトヨペットと呼ばれていました) Crown Custom
1963 Toyopet (these were not called Toyota back in the days) Crown Custom

Dr. Maehara’s Crown.

びしっとしてますね! 人ではなくて、車の話です。
Doesn’t that look great! Not the person there, the car.

姫路からもご苦労様です。 / All the way from Himeji (Kansai Japan).

This era car drove a far distance to get to Yokohama. If it’s still using the original 3-speed, there’s no speed.

飛騨ナンバー、遠いとこからありがとうございます。 / Thank you for coming all the way from Hida area.

Ashtrays of many different years and models. These used to always be in dealership lounges.

Dr. Maeharaはコンシェルジュ姿で観音Crownで参加です。
Dr. Maehara the conceirge came in a Kannon Crown.

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