SEMA 2012

SEMA で気になった2台。それと 11/18(金) は MQQN Illustrated Magazine #8 (MIM#8) が発売開始されます。 お楽しみに!
Here are two cars that caught my interest at SEMA this year. Also, on 11/18 (Fri) MOON ILLUSTRATED Magazine #8 (MIM#8) will officially go on sale! Hope everyone enjoys this issue!

MQQNEYES Area-1 では 16日(水) から発売開始です!!
It will be available for purchase starting Nov. 16th (Wed) over at MOONEYES Area-1 in Honmoku, Yokohama! (click to see a preview)

SEMA 駐車場、遠くから「69 Shelby GT」だ! と思って近づいて数枚写真を撮っているうちに「?」
現行 Mustang をベースに 1969 Shelby GT500 に作り替えられたものでした。
At the SEMA parking lot, from a distance I thought, “A ’69 Shelby GT!” Then got up close taking several pictures when suddenly, “?”
It’s a late model Mustang used as a base and converted to a 1969 Shelby GT500.
I really didn’t realize it at first.

It’s done very well.

メインホールの一番奥にいたミニ、MOPAR Hemi Engine を積んだ「Hemi Mini」です。
In the main hall, in the very back, was this Mini with a MOPAR Hemi Engine stuffed into it, called “Hemi Mini”.

I think it’s very America-esque. It is a relief to see builds like this.
It’s one that gives me peace of mind.

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