Mooneyes Exhibit 2012 at NHRA Museum & 1960 T-bird

来年の1月27日から、 Pomona, Ca. にある Wally Parks NHRA Museum で行う MOONEYES Exhibit 開始です!
Iconic Mooneyes Founder Dean Moon and his achievements will be honored with a MOONEYES Exhibit at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum on Friday, Jan 27,2012 in Pomona, Ca.

Moon & Budweiser on Vimeo!

Dean Moon, Tom Selleck, The Moonliner and 555 smokes on Vimeo!

天気予報によると関東地方の晴天は今日17日木曜日まで、週末は天候が崩れると言うので修理から上がってきた T-bird の
試運転を兼ねて近所へランチを取りに出かけました。 エンジンは調子良くなりましたが今度はデフからの音が気になり始めました。取り敢えず本牧周辺を走るには丁度いい感じです。 と Area-1 に戻って来たら PS からオイル漏れです。
According to the weather forecast, the nice weather we have in the Kanto Plains will last until Thursday, Nov. 17th, then the weather is forecast to fall apart by the weekend. So, I took the opportunity to go out for lunch and take a trial run of the T-bird that just recently got out of the shop. For now, driving it around Honmoku area feels the best. By the time I returned to Area-1, however, there was oil leaking from the power steering (PS).

The way this picture turned out, it’s hard to know the period of the photo.

MQQNEYES Area-1 Super Manager成田君とMQQNEYES Official Pinstriper Wildman石井君
MOONEYES Area-1 Suer Magager Narita and MOONEYES Official Pinstriper Wildman.

Super Managerはベーコンバーガーです。
Super Magager Narita had a Bacon Burger.

Spinach Salad, Onion Soup and Chicken Avocado Sandwich with French Fries, Yum!

Fine weather, clear Autumn day!

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