Day After Tomorrow

Yokohama Keizai News に出てます。

とうとう明後日になりました。 やっとやってきましたこの日がって感じです。
土曜日は搬入後ゲストとエントラントとで会場を使って Little Get Together Party (LGTP) が行われます。
At last, the day after tomorrow. Now it really feels like it’s time.
We couldn’t have done it without the cooperation from many people.
The weather for Saturday (setup day) won’t be so great but will clear up by the end of the day. Saturday night we’ll use the main stage and show space for the Little Get Together Party (LGTP) with all the show guests and entrants.

その後我々はアワード選考を行いますが横浜元町の海側出口にあるラビ元町 4F ブリッジ横浜で DicE Magazine 主催の DicE Party が 17:00 から朝5時まで??開催されます。
ゲストの一人 Gabe がメンバーの The Heathens もプレイするそうです。是非行って見て下さい。
なんでも同じ晩、Pharaohs Member と Low Rider の Club の皆さんも新山下近くのバークファームで Party を開催するそうです。
After the LGTP, we’ll work on reviewing all of the entries and award selections. However over in Motomachi Yokohama (see map) at Ravi Motomachi building on the fourth floor, DicE Magazine will be having a DicE Party that will last all night. One of this year’s HCS guests, Gabe, is a member of the Heathens band and they will be playing there. Don’t miss this party!
Just don’t stay too late and miss the show the next day.
The same night, nearby Shin-Yamashita at Bark Farm, the Pharaohs Members, Low Rider Club will have a party there as well.
No doubt, Yokohama will be rocking all night.

そして日曜日ショー終了後は横浜スタジアム近くの Millions DeliBean Bandits Party が21:00 から開催されます。
ここは昨年ショー終了後 Hot Rod Havoc Party があり当社某GOが深酔いのあげく帰り道尾てい骨を 2カ所にわたり骨折その後 1ヶ月間会社を休むと言う大失態を演じる事になった場所でもあります。
勿論場所が問題なのでは無く、 本人の問題だったのです。
何が言いたいかと言うと皆さんの体はショーの準備等で疲れていますから 「ほどほど」 にお願いします。
と言う訳でショーの前後も Party がそして日曜日は一日が Party です。 皆様静かにお越し下さい。
Then on Sunday, after the show is over, Bean Bandits Party will begin at 21:00 (9PM) at Millions Deli just across the street from the Yokohama Stadium.
This is the same place that Hot Rod Havoc had their party last year. And the place where one of our employees, “GO” got too drunk and on the way home somehow broke their tailbone and was out of work for 1 month. Of course, this was no ones fault but their own mistake and responsibility. What I’m trying to say is to everyone is to be careful and take care not to over do it.
That said, the parties before the show, the parties after the show, have fun, remember to be quiet by the neighbors and see you there!

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