Reyn Spooner/MQQN Equipped Shirts

Hawaii Reyn Spooner 社製の MQQN Equipped Pullover Button Down Collar Shirts が入荷しました!!
あの Hawaiian Shirts で有名な Reyn Spooner 製です。 これ以上の Shirts はもう作れません。
Black Base は MQQNEYES USA 20th Anniversary 記念シャツで全世界で 200枚!
縫製はどこでされたかと言うとお隣の韓国、 生地は日本製です。
何処で作られようが Reyn Spooner/MQQN Equipped Shirts 最高の一枚です。
サイズは XS~XL、 Reyn’s の Hawaiian Shirts をベースにしていますので
XS は S位、 ワンサイズ大きい感じでいて下さい。なので XL は 2X 位の感じです。

Hawaii Reyn Spooner manufactured MQQN Equipped Pullover Button Down Collar Shirts have arrived!
That famous Hawaiian Shirts brand Reyn Spooner. We have no plan at this time to produce more.
The black base is a MQQNEYES USA 20th Anniversary limited edition shirt with only 200 produced!
The sewing work was done next door in Korea, while the fabric was made here in Japan.
Unfortunately, we did not have them made in Hawaii.
In either case, the final result was the highest quality Reyn Spooner/MQQN Equipped Shirts.
Reyn’s Hawaiian Shirts base sizes are XS to XL which are big for Japanese size.
For example, a size XS is equal to a size S in Japan. It’s one size bigger. The XL is more like a 2X.
These are now available but limited so we hope they will last in stock for a while.

Reyn Spooner / MOON Equipped プルオーバー ボタンダウン シャツ Black Limited Edition

Reyn Spooner / MOON Equipped プルオーバー ボタンダウン シャツ



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