MQQN Cafe 臨時休業 (Closed Temporarily)

MQQN Cafe は 3/2(金)まで店内メインテナンスの為 お休みさせて頂いています。 エアコンも New になります! 3/3(土)より平常営業となります。 ご迷惑をお掛け致します。
MQQNEYEA Area-1 本日29日は臨時休業、 明日から New エアコンで皆様のお越しをお待ちしております。
MQQN Cafe is temporarily closed for maintenance until Friday March 2nd. It will be equipped with a brand new air conditioning unit! It will reopen on March 3 (Saturday) under normal hours. Sorry for the trouble and inconvenience.

Long Beach, California Event “Inspiration”

Long Beach, Queen Mary号 で Rintaro Tanaka (My Freedamn 写真集の編集者/写真家) 氏により開催された “Inspiration” と言う Event に行って来ました。
古着の文化と言ってしまっていいのか分かりませんが出展者の 1/2位は日本の方々でした。
Rintaro氏 の写真集や日本のこだわりの古着文化が California に輸出され花が咲き
I went to an event on the Queen Mary in Long Beach called “Inspiration” which was organized by Rintaro Tanaka (My Freedamn photo book publisher/photographer).
I’m not sure if it’s correct to call it secondhand clothes for this event, but at least 1/2 of the people there were Japanese.
Whether from Rintaro’s photo book or the obsession in Japan over secondhand clothes culture, it’s been exported to California and the flower has bloomed.
The event is in its 3rd year and it was a great success.

Queen Mary号、 横浜山下公園の氷川丸より一回りも二回りも大きいです。
The Queen Mary ship is twice the size of the Hikawamaru ship located in Yokohama’s Yamashita Park.

左の MQQN Equipped は Made in Japan! 間違いなく 60年代の物です。 値段も目から $$$$$ が飛び出します。
となりのも $$$$, 驚きました。
The MQQN Equipped shirt on the left is make in Japan! No doubt it’s from the ’60s. The price will make your eyes pop out of their sockets.
The one next to it had a shocking price too.

Left is 1960 catalog and right is 1968 catalog

Made in Japan!! 昔の日本は今で言う中国のように賃金安いかったので海外の物を沢山作っていたそうです。
MQQN 製品も made in Japan 結構あります。
Made in Japan!! A long time ago in Japan, the wages for labor were similar to how China is, so a lot of things from foreign countries were made very cheap.
There are quite a lot of MQQN products that were made in Japan.
Searching for these items are not for wearing but for collection only.

襟ぐり等から (人から聞いた話です) 80s のでしょうとの事、 $100でした。
This was another shirt at a different booth.
Based on the neckline, etc. (from what I was told) it’s from the ’80s era, so it was priced at $100.

Clay Smith もありました、 しかも Long Beach のアドレスです。 これも$$$$$、ハァ~
There was also Clay Smith too, with a Long Beach address! This was $$$$$, oh…

Auto系 Jacketも人気あります。
Auto type jackets are very popular.

McDonald’s のアロハ
McDonald’s Aloha shirt

この Street Racers の Jacket は有名です。
This Street Racers jacket is famous.

エアーブラシで描かれた Roth’s Outlaw
An airbrushed shirt of Roth’s Outlaw

This was auctioned off during the event.

STP とか Budweiser とか良いですね。
STP and Budweiser items are cool.

と遂に Wildman 石井君大興奮だろうと言う物を発見!
And finally, I found something that gets Wildman extremely excited about!
Immediately I sent him a picture and quickly got a response. (so convenient today)

「どこかの Vintage専門店でしょうか?
Nikeは 70年代後半から 80年代初頭の一番おいしい所が揃っています。
左上段の黄緑色の Waffle Racer が欲しいです・・・」
“Are you at a vintage specialty shop? Looks like a collection of tasty Nike shoes from the later half of the ’70s through the early half of the ’80s.
I want the yellow-green Waffle Racer pair on the left upper shelf…”

「KISS Shirts は 70年代後半のパジャマになります。
$250 というのは Vintage現在の相場としては妥当な金額になります。
一ドル\100以上の頃に $300くらいで買ってしまいました・」
“KISS Shirt is from the later half of the ’70s, it’s a pajama top. Priced appropriately at $250 for it’s vintage. At 100+ JP Yen to $1.00 US Dollar, I paid about $300 for mine.”

との事、 KISS はもっているので Nikeを買ってほしいとの事なので Nikeを交渉。
That said, Wildman already owns the same KISS pajama top but wanted to buy the Nike shoes. However…

「黄緑色のシューズですがサイズが巨大な 13インチなのとソールが傷んでいたので諦めます。
“The yellow-green shoes are size 13 and too big, plus the soles have damage so I will pass. There was another pair that I want though, unfortunately they were sold.”

しかし日本に居ながら USAにある物を即座に購入できるなんて 何て良い時代でしょう。
So that was the end result of that.
However, to be in your residence in Japan and be able to see and purchase something physically in USA, it’s a remarkable time we live in.

KISS のシャツです。画像を送った所返事がきました。
This is the KISS shirt. I sent this image and immediately got a reply.
It’s apparently a pajama top.

Wildman wanted the shoes pictured in the upper left but they were too big. So the alternate choice was the silver/red pair on the second shelf in the middle.
Unfortunately, the were already sold.


Long Beach の Trade Show へ行った帰りにちょっとイタリアン。
After going to the trade show in Long Beach, we stopped for Italian.
A little concerned about the calorie intake but it was sure good.

Long Beach の外れの一本裏通りにあるお店です。
On the edge of Long Beach, down a small side street is where it’s located.

入った時間が早かったので空いていましたが出る頃には Waiting が沢山でした。
We got there early so it wasn’t crowded yet but when we left there were a lot of people waiting.

夕陽の方角が Long Beach の Beach になります。
Towards the direction of the sunset is the beach around Long Beach.

ビールでなく Ice Tea です。
Not beer, but iced tea.

Pizza と Pasta を注文.
We ordered pizza and pasta.

とそこで, LA Times によると中南米で中国の新車販売がメチャクチャ伸びているとの話です。
なんでも Second Hand (中古車、セコハン) 日本車を買う金額で中国車なら新車で購入でき
しかも 2年間の保証付きとなれば どんな過去があるか分からない中古車を買うより安心ですよね。
また現地でルノーの新車を買う半分または 2/3程度の金額で中国車の新車が買えるそうです。
そのうち韓国車を抜いて多くの中国車を USA で見る事になるのでしょうか?
日本は内需を拡大しないとまずいです。 日本車メーカーも気がついたら日本車に取って代わられてしまった USA メーカーのようになってまうかもしれません。

Cars from China gaining traction ってうまい言い方しますよね羨ましい。

And in other news, the LA Times reported that Chinese auto makers are gaining huge sales in Central and South America. Well of course, considering a new Chinese car is the same price as a used Japanese car and on top of that, buying new comes with a warranty, which out weighs buying a second-hand car since you don’t really know how it was used in the past.
Also, comparing it to cars like Renault, a new Chinese car is 2/3 to 1/2 the price.
However according to some news reports, the Chinese auto makers have yet to gain when compared to USA and European markets and it may be some time before there’s more of an impact in the USA. It does seem that to be spreading though.
We already see a lot Korean cars on the road now so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chinese cars on the roads very soon too.
Domestic demand in Japan must increase or else it might turn bad. Next thing you know, the Japanese makers will be in the same situation as USA makers were in before.

The title, “Cars from China Gaining Traction” Is very interesting.

NHRA Winternationals

NHRA Winternationals が始まりました。 一年が経つのが早い!
TAP IT と言う California, San Luis Obispo の地ビールがメインスポンサーになった
Jim Dunn Racing、 Driver は Canadian の Todd Lesenko, 彼は Canada で MQQNEYES Dealer をやっています。
土曜日の予選一回目の結果 (下記参照) エントリー 20台のウチ 16台が決勝ラウンドに行けるのですが
16番目でギリギリ通過、 でも予選二回目で他の Team が良いタイムを出すと予選落ちとなってしまうのですが
何と予選二回目は雨で中止、 このタイムがそのまま予選結果となってので予選通過!
NHRA Winternationals season has begun. One year passed so fast!
The beer called TAP IT of San Luis Obispo, California is the main sponsor for Jim Dunn Racing with Canadian driver Todd Lesenko who’s also a MQQNEYES Dealer in Canada.
On Saturday’s rounds of qualifying, Lesenko was 16th of 20 funny cars, just qualifying. In the next round of qualifying, there was a Team with better numbers and would have bumped Lesenko but rain caused cancellation of that round!

Left Lane: Todd Lesenko
左レーン: トッド レセンコ
Runs 4.306 sec./277.03 mph, Now #15
走り: 4.306 秒/445.84 km/h, ランク #15
Right Lane: Cruz Pedregon
右レーン: クルーズ ペドレゴン
No Prior Run (前回無し)
Runs 6.834 sec./91.83 mph, Now #16
走り: 6.834 秒/147.79 km/h, ランク #16
Best prior run: 4.313 sec//254.95 mph, Was #15
前回: 4.313 秒/410.30 km/h, ランク #15

"Pedregon was already qualified, but loses any chance of improving, as the slicks start to smoke off the line and the Solara gets way out of shape."
「ペドレゴンはクアリファイしてましたが、スタートからソララ ファニーカーのタイヤを滑りはじめ、これ以上ランキングあがりませんね。」

"It’s not a thing of beauty, but Lesenko takes Dunn’s balking FC into the field, replacing Pedregon on the ladder and pushing him down to the bump spot. There seems to be some pieces in his lane way down track."
「美しくないが、ドライバーのレセンコがジム ダンのファニーカーを走り、 ペドレゴンを追いかけて超えました。しかも、何か走ったレーンに残したパーツが落ちてます。」

"Todd Lesenko’s incremental times: 60ft-0.926 sec., 330ft-2.414, 660ft-3.445/249.21 mph."
「トッド レセンコ のタイム ストップ: 18.288 m-0.926 秒, 100.584 m-2.414 秒, 201.168 m-3.445 秒/401.06 km/h」

日曜日心配になったのでちょっと Web を観たら、 なんと一回戦目を勝ち進んでいるではありませんか。
A bit concerned the next day, Sunday I looked online to see the results and he won his first round!

Elimination Round 1

(W) Todd Lesenko (Tap It Brewing Co. Impala)
(勝) トッド レセンコ (タップ イット ブルーイング カンパニー インパラ)
Reaction Time: 0.099 sec.
リアクション タイム 0.099 秒
Time: 4.695 sec./187.34 mph
タイム 4.695 秒/301.49 km/h
(L) Robert Hight (Auto Club Mustang)
(負) ロバート ハイト (オート クラブ マスタング)
Reaction Time: 0.083 sec.
リアクション タイム 0.083 秒
Time: 5.941 sec./116.00 mph
タイム 5.941 秒/186.68 km/h

"This is the first time Lesenko and Hight have faced each other in eliminations. This is Hight’s fortieth time to qualify in the number one position, but he has only won that race five times in the past. Lesenko is making his third start in FC."
「これはイリミナーションではレセンコとハイトの初出合いです。 ハイトはランク #1で予選するのは14回目ですが、 その中で5回しか優勝していないです。 レセンコはファニーカーのドライバーで3回目です。」

"Hight gets a small head start at the start, but strikes the tires right after that."
「ハイトが早めにスタートしましたが、 その後にすぐタイヤが滑り始まった。」

"Lesenko gets his first round win, but almost gives it up, as the car gets way loose at the 660 mark and almost slides over, very close to the wall."

What will happen next?

I was curious about the second round so I checked again.

(W) Ron Capps (NAPA Auto Parts Charger)
(勝) ロン キャップス (ナパー オート パーツ チャージャー)
Reaction Time: 0.100 sec.
リアクション タイム: 0.100 秒
Time: 4.086 sec./311.13 mph
タイム 4.086 秒/500.715 km/h
(L) Todd Lesenko (Tap It Brewing Co. Impala)
(負) トッド レセンコ (タップ イット ブルーイング カンパニー インパラ)
Reaction Time: 0.099 sec.
リアクション タイム: 0.099 秒
Time: 32.593 sec./24.55 mph
タイム 32.593 秒/39.50 km/h

"Lesenko shook hard at the green and the parachutes dropped right out, so he may have banged the blower. He stops on the track."

"Capps was ready and was going to be tough to beat, as he runs quicker that last round with the easy win."

Cruz でも予選落ちだったのですから Elimination の残れて良かったです。
Unfortunately, he lost in the second round.
Well, he did beat Cruz in qualifying and made it to the Elimination rounds so that is a good thing.
Good luck this season.

Tailgate と言うのは BBQ 等をやる場所の事をそう呼んでいます。
多分 Pickup の Tailgate を倒し Party をやるって感じでしょうか?
The closer parking lot you get to the event, the more expensive is it.
The tailgate area is where you can have a party or bbq.
It’s common to see a lot of pickups with the tailgate dropped and people partying.

Jon Dunn 親子がゲートまで迎えに来てくれました。
Jon Dunn and daughter came to pick us up at the gate to take us to the pits.

Tow Car

Canadian License Plate です。

The MQQN logo in the same spot as the f/c.

Kenji の時代からのタンクです。 だから永く続けられているのですね。
This team has all the coolest things.
This tank has been in use since Kenji Okazaki was racing. It’s been in use for a very long time.

今回は友人の Baby-Kai君も一緒だったのでスタンドには行かずスタートライン裏側の休憩テントでレースカーのスタートの音を聴きながらビールを呑みながらスクリーンでレース観戦。
Baby はこのヘッドホーンのお陰で一度も泣く事もなくレース場を後にしました。
My friends child, Baby-Kai was with us and instead of going to the stands, they went behind the starting line inside the rest tent where you can see the live video on screen and have a beer.
Baby-Kai used this headset and thankfully he didn’t cry and was quiet until the end of the event.

Something like this.

John Force の3姉妹です。
John Force’s daughters.

結局優賞はJohn Forceでした。
In the end, John Force won.

Next Project is…

お知らせ: MQQN Cafe は 2/27(月)〜3/2(金) 空調 & 店内メインテナンスの為臨時休業させて頂きます。
3/3(土) より新しい空調システムになり暖かくお過ごし頂けると思います。

NOTICE: From 2/27 (Mon) – 3/2 (Fri), MQQN Cafe will be closed for mandatory maintenance.
On 3/3 (Sat) we’ll open with a new heating unit in place to enjoy the comfortable warm temperatures.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

こちらは MQQNEYES Junkyard です。
さて次の Project はどれでしょうか?
#533 LSR と MQQNEYES Dragster は NHRA Museum に展示されているので
Machine Shop が空きました。 と言う事で次の Project を開始します。
Motor は 354 Hemi に決定しています。

This is the MQQNEYES Junkyard.
So, I wonder which one will be the next project?
The #533 LSR & MQQNEYES Dragster are currently on display at the NHRA Museum so the Machine Shop seems empty. That means it must be time to start a new Project.
Though it would be good to start with something that moves easily?
A 354 Hemi motor is already decided on.

Pomona with Dean Jr.

お知らせ: MQQN Cafe は 2/27(月)〜3/2(金) 空調 & 店内メインテナンスの為臨時休業させて頂きます。
3/3(土) より新しい空調システムになり暖かくお過ごし頂けると思います。

NOTICE: From 2/27 (Mon) – 3/2 (Fri), MQQN Cafe will be closed for mandatory maintenance.
On 3/3 (Sat) we’ll open with a new heating unit in place to enjoy the comfortable warm temperatures.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Dean と納品に NHRA Museum へ行き、 そのついでに9日(木)からはじまる
NHRA Drag Racing Winternationals を覗いて来ました。
Jim Dunn Racing は TAP IT と言う地ビールメーカのメインスポンサーで参戦、 MQQNEYES Logo も何時もの場所に見る事が出来ます。
I went with Dean to deliver goods to the NHRA Museum and from there we checked out the scene of NHRA Drag Racing Winternationals that will begin its season on the 9th (Thu).
We went on Wednesday so the pit area was quiet.
Jim Dunn Racing has a new main sponsor, a micro-brewery company called TAP IT. Also included in the same location as always, the MQQNEYES Logo can be seen on the front fender.

Dean と納品です。
Dean with delivery of goods.

Dean Jr. with his dad’s ’34 Roadster

左から NHRA Museum の Director, Mr. Tony Thacker, Dean MOON Jr. and NHRA Museum 館長の Mr. Greg Sharp.
この二人が居なければこの Exhibit は出来ませんでした。
From the left, NHRA Museum Director, Mr. Tony Thacker, Dean Moon, Jr. and NHRA Museum curator Greg Sharp.
Without these two, the MQQN Exhibit would have never been possible.

2012 Jim Dunn Racing

Funny Car に GT Stripe, 似合います。 Inspection Area にて。
GT Striped Funny Car look good. This is the inspection area.

Jim Dunn Racing Apparel Trailer – 販売トレーラーです。

Race場、Jim Dunn Apparel Trailer でしか購入できない Jim Dunn Racing/MQQNEYES T-shirts.
Only available at the Jim Dunn Apparel trailer, at the race events, is this Jim Dunn/MQQNEYES T-shirt.

Drag Bikes

お知らせ: MQQN Cafe は 2/27(月)〜3/2(金) 空調 & 店内メインテナンスの為臨時休業させて頂きます。
3/3(土) より新しい空調システムになり暖かくお過ごし頂けると思います。

NOTICE: From 2/27 (Mon) – 3/2 (Fri), MQQN Cafe will be closed for mandatory maintenance.
On 3/3 (Sat) we’ll open with a new heating unit in place to enjoy the comfortable warm temperatures.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

NHRA Museum には Race Car ばかりでなく Drag Bike も展示されています。
これは一見の価値ありです。そして古い Drag Bike を集めた本がこちらです

The NHRA Museum isn’t just Race Cars but they also have a number of Drag Bikes on display too.
It’s worth visiting the museum just to see these vintage bikes. There’s a new book out with a historical look and Drag Bikes too. The book is also worth getting.

Motorcycle Drag Racing: A History

Lunch – ランチ

お知らせ: MQQN Cafe は 2/27(月)〜3/2(金) 空調 & 店内メインテナンスの為臨時休業させて頂きます。
3/3(土) より新しい空調システムになり暖かくお過ごし頂けると思います。

NOTICE: From 2/27 (Mon) – 3/2 (Fri), MQQN Cafe will be closed for mandatory maintenance.
On 3/3 (Sat) we’ll open with a new heating unit in place to enjoy the comfortable warm temperatures.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

嬉しい事に Shop にチラシが来ていました。
遂に Santa Fe Springs にも日本食テイクアウトが出来ました。
30年前は Shop 隣にある Hungry Boy だけでした。 しかし少しグリーシーなので毎日は食べれません。
その後 向かいの Gas Station でさっぱり系サンドイッチを始めてくれたので選択が増えましたが
その Gas Station も廃業してしまいしばらく途方にくれていると 2 or 3 ブロック走る辺りに
色々できたのですがバブルだったのですね。 今は残っていません。 そして L&L Hawaiian Foods が
出来て 「最高!」 何て思っていましたが。 そうしょっちゅうは食べれません。 そして遂に満を期してこれが登場です。
誰が作っていようがそれらしい味なら関係ありません。 とは言ってもクーポン Coupon が クポン Cupon に
Check it out: NASH (Burnout Magazine) Blog

I’m happy to learn about a new restaurant near the shop. Finally, there’s Japanese take out in Santa Fe Springs. 30 Years ago there was only Hungry Boy located next door to the shop. However, it’s a bit on the greasy side so it’s hard to eat there every single day.
After that there was a fresh sandwich place across the street at the Gas Station which gave us an option but eventually the Gas Station closed down. We were out of options until there were several places that popped up during the bubble about 2 or 3 blocks away. All of those are gone now. Until L&L Hawaiian Foods opened up which I thought, “Awesome!” However, I don’t eat there very often. After years of waiting, now there’s this new place. Who opened the shop or how it tastes really doesn’t matter at this point. Although, the fact that their flier spells Coupon incorrectly as CUPON does have me a little uneasy…
But let’s try something and see how it tastes?

MQQN Exhibit 始まり!

MQQN Exhibit (MQQN展) が遂に開催されました。
Southern California へお越しの際は Pomona にある NHRA Museum を一度訪ねてみて下さい。

MQQN Exhibit at the NHRA Motorsports Museum is finally underway after the grand opening kick off party this past Friday.
If you are going to be in Southern California, please be sure to make a visit out to Pomona.

NHRA Museum Website: http://museum.nhra.com/

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