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今日のランチは近所にできた a Healthy & Quick Japanese Cuisine “Rolling Rice” To Go も出来る日本食堂。
Healthy と言う事でこの様に日本食を提供するお店が増えていますが経営者は必ずしも日本人では無いようです。

We ate at a Healthy & Quick Japanese Cuisine, “Rolling Rice” for lunch located in the neighborhood of the MOONEYES Shop in Santa Fe Springs. They also have To Go.
The increasing trend for Japanese food is presenting it as “healthy” and just as many of these shops, it seems the owners are not Japanese. The actual target audience is also not Japanese, because there are not so many, so taste it also a little different too. To target the taste buds of just a few Japanese would be difficult.

同じ敷地内に Hawaiian Food の “L&L”、 中華の “Panda Express”、 そしてこの日本食と

In the same area is is “L&L” Hawaiian Food and “Panda Express” Chinese Food. Now there’s something like Japanese Food so with three types of ethic dining to choose from, the competition is extreme.

Very stylish.
They have confidence in their rolls.

色々な所で日本食と称する Food を見かける様になりましたが
丼物は写真からも分かるように Looks OK、But 麺類は危なそうなの食べた事ありません。

There are a lot of places that label themselves as Japanese food but being able to recognize Donburi (a type of Japanese rice bowl dish) from a photo is a plus. Looks OK, but the noodles didn’t look right although I haven’t tried it.
It could be just the way is presented, maybe it’s not easy to arrange.

中に入ってメニューを観ていたら “Unagi Dragon” が “Unagi Dradon” に!
僕らも良くやるミススペル、今は Steve がいるので助かります。
When I got inside and looked at the menu, I saw a dish called “Unagi Dragon” then realized it was spelled as “Unagi Dradon”!
I often misspell words like that, but luckily Steve catches a lot of them.

Although they just opened recently, their shop is really clean.

これがその Unagi Dradon Roll、 ちょっとシャリが甘いの難点でした。なぜ甘いのかな~?
甘いのは Korean系 Sushi だそうです。

This is their Unagi Dradon Roll. The “Shari” (Sushi Rice) was a little too sweet. I wonder why?
I think Korean style Sushi is really sweet.

こちらは餃子、 これは普通でした。
This is their Gyoza (aka pot stickers). This was as normal.

ランチメニューの “Chicken Teriyaki & California Roll”, 白米が美味しかったです。
On their lunch menu was “Chicken Teriyaki & California Roll”. Their white rice was delicious.

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