Santa Maria

Santa Maria の Cruisin Scene, 7:00 pm ~ 9:00 pm までメインストリートの一部をブロックしクルーズが開催されます。
The cruise scene in Santa Maria is from 7:00PM-9:00PM on a blocked off section of the main street.

MOONEYES Staff の Pan君こと Sumi君です。
That’s not someone that got run over.
It’s MOONEYES Staff Pan (Sumi) working.
I can’t wait to see the photos he took.

ネオンサインが目立つ Shaw’s Restaurant, Famous Santa Maria Style BBQ, 美味しかったです!
The neon sign in the background is Shaw’s Restaourant, Famous Santa Maria style BBQ and it’s so delicious!

お腹がすいて動けなくなった Sumi君。
Sumi is hungry so he can’t move.

「これこれ Three Wheeler やるなら他でやって」 と主催者が注意している場面です。
“Hey hey, if you are going to do 3-wheeler action, do it somewhere else.” The event promoter give a warning to the driver in this scene.

I didn’t recognize him at first but that’s Toru.

As the sun was setting the flames glowed.

Two of the event promoters managed traffic and prevented any wild outbursts.

帰りはToru君の1968 Buick Wildcatに便乗させてもらいました。
On the way back I rode in Toru’s 1965 Buick Wildcat.

Very roomy interior.

途中 同年代のMustangや
On the way we saw a same year Mustang

“GeeTO Tiger”. Pontiac GTO まで走っていました。
60年代、 エッソの CM で タイガー (エッソのシンボルはタイガー) を注油しよう!
と言うの流行り Tiger Tail をこの様に付けるのが流行ったそうです。
There was even a “GeeTO Tiger” Pontiac GTO.
Back in the ’60s, ESSO gas had a slogen, “Put a tiger in your tank”. It was popular at the time to put a Tiger Tail in the back like that.

Down Town LA を通過! もうすぐ Santa Fe Springs です。
Full Size は気持ち良いですね。
Passing through Down Town LA! We were close to Santa Fe Springs.
Riding in a full size car feels great.

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