続 Old Sign (Continued)

前回のブログで紹介した Old Sign, http://www.mooneyes.co.jp/express/2012/0825/old-sign/
Tower の縦にあった “MOON” この大きさに合わせ “Equip. Co.” を Mr. Woody Kobayashi に作って頂き、
MQQNEYES Area-1、 Garage 外壁に取り付け、
Tower の両側面にそれぞれあった “MOON Equip. Co.” の一つは MQQNEYES Area-1 Garage 内に展示されています。
でも側面にあったもう一個の “MOON Equip.Co” は?
と言うと これも奇麗に Mr. Woody Kobayashi の手により奇麗に修復された後、
MQQNEYES USA に送られ 今回の出張の際、 MQQNEYES USA、 Garage 内に取り付けました。

A short time ago I posted about our Old Sign, the letters on the from office building. The remaining letters were the “MOON” that was vertical on the tower of the building and we had Mr. Woody Kobayashi make matching “Equip. Co.” letters to hang outside of MQQNEYES Area-1 Garage.
The “MOON Equip. Co.” letters that were on both sides of the tower were restored too. One was mounted inside MQQNEYES Area-1 Garage. What happened to the last one?
Well, Mr. Woody Kobayashi restored it and we shipped it back to MQQNEYES USA. They are now mounted inside MQQNEYES USA Garage.

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