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いよいよ明後日 21st Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2012 (以下 HCS2012) を開催します。 今年も色々な方々の御協力もあり、 21回目の HCS2012 を迎えることができそうです。
Finally, on Sunday (12/2) it’s the 21st Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2012 (HCS2012) at the Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall. I normally post on Saturday but since I will be at the event hall, I am posting a day early.

HCS2012 のイベントスケジュール、 限定アイテム、 海外ゲスト情報などなど HCS2012 の情報は、
HCS2012 Official Website を御覧ください。
This year takes up the entire exhibition hall with show cars, bikes, vendor booths and more. Please be sure to check out our event schedule, limited event only items and guest list for this year. HCS2012 is going to be a fantastic show. For more information check out the HCS2012 Official Website.

前売り券をお持ちの方は、 中央入場口に御来場頂ければ、 お待たせすることなく会場に御入場頂けます。
※MOONEYES Area-1、 MOON Cafe では 12月1日(土) 閉店まで前売りチケットの販売を行います。
Advance Tickets are now only available at MOONEYES Area-1 in Honmoku Yokohama. But don’t worry, you can purchase tickets at the door on Sunday as well but last year there was a long line so please be sure to come early.
Hope to see you at HCS2012! We’ll be waiting for you!

ショー迄あと4日/Showtime in 4 Days

21st Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012 迄あと 4日、 USAからのCars & Bikes も無事到着しています。

The Yokohama Marathon is held on the same day as the show so there will be road closures and traffic in certain areas.
Map: http://www.yokohamamarathon.jp/pdf/trafic.pdf

Just 4 more days until the 21st Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012. The guest cars & bikes have safely arrived in Yokohama.

New Face

HCS2012 カウントダウン: 8 日

1963 Ford Fairlane Ranch Wagon, A/FX 仕様です。
MQQNEYES に新たに加わった 1台です。

1963 Ford Fairlane Ranch Wagon, A/FX
A new addition to the MQQNEYES group.


MQQN Bug に続いて HCS2012 用に製作した MQQNEYES Triumph。
Unit Motor のフレームに The Factory Metal Works 製のリジットフレームが装着されています。
Unit Motor 用後ずけリジットはホイルベースが長くってしまうので Shortened Rigid Frame を作って貰いました。
製作はThe Factory Metal Works.
HCS2012 会場でご覧下さい。
Continuing with HCS2012 related posts, after the MQQN Bug, built for HCS2012 is this MQQNEYES Triumph. Using the stock unit motor and frame, a rigid frame from The Factory Metal Works was mounted. The rigid tail section made the wheelbase a bit long so it was shortened.
Built by The Factory Metal Works
On display at HCS2012.

Painted by Bill Carter (Photo Album)

MQQNEYES Original Oil Tank for Triumph


Parties Before and After the Show

12/2(日) 開催の 21st Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012 まで遂に 2週間!
Show 前日、 土曜日 MQQNEYES 主催の Little Get Together Party が終わって
21:30 から元町ラビ4F (元町プラザ前) The Bridge Yokohama

Dice Magazine 主催の Dice Party があります。

Just 2 more weeks until the 21st Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012 on Dec. 2 (Sunday). The night before the show, on Saturday, is the MQQNEYES hosted Little Get Together Party from 7-9PM and then from 9:30PM at The Bridge Yokohama
(Ravi Bldg 4FL) is the Dice Party hosted by Dice Magazine.
Every year the Dice Party goes off all night until dawn so if you have the chance, please have a look.

そして Show が終了した後、 Guest Car ’29 Ford Roadster オーナーの Rez が所属する
Corsairs Car Club 主催の After Party が Jack Cafe Basement で 19:30 から開催されます。
Then, after the show on Sunday, guest car ’29 Ford Roadster owner Rez and the car club he belongs to, Corsairs, is hosting an after party at Jack Cafe Basement from 7:30PM.
It’s about ten minutes away from the Pacifico Yokohama. Head on over after the show is over. After a long day at the show, you can take your time and relax a bit at the party before heading home!
Hope to see you there!


MQQN Bug です。
12/2(日) 21st Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012に
The Original MQQN Bug (Turbo) と展示予定です。
The MQQN Bug.
At the 21st Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012, on December 2 (Sun), this Bug will be on display with The Original MQQN Bug (Turbo).
Only 19 days until the show!!

Original California Blue Plate

And after HCS2012, there’s an after party.

MQQN Garage

C-10 Shop Truck が新たに加わり車があふれて来た MQQN Garage 前です。
1月から NHRA Museum で開催されています “MQQN Exhibit” ですが
好評につき開催期間が延長され 2013年1月か2月頃まで開催される事になったので
12月8日(土) Irwindale Speedway 開催される MQQNEYES USA Xmas Party Show & Drag へ
行かれる方, “MQQN Exhibit” を見る事が出来ます。
但し、 Museum は月火が休館日と成っていますので注意して下さい。
With the newly acquired C-10 Shop Truck, MQQN Garage is now overflowing with vehicles.
The “MQQN Exhibit” that has been on display at the NHRA Museum since January this year has been a popular feature there. So popular that they are extending the exhibit passed its scheduled showing of January 2013 to at least February next year.
If you are planning on going to the MQQNEYES USA XMAS Party Show & Drag this year which will be held on December 8 (Saturday) at Irwindale Speedway, you will be able to visit the “MQQN Exhibit” as well.
However, please note that the museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

この Shop Truck, USA の友人がこの様に仕上げてくれたので購入するに至りました。
A friend from USA lead me to purchase the Shop Truck after putting all these stickers on it.

車があふれてきました。 なぜって? 販売車が売れないからです。
Overflow of vehicles. Why? Mostly be cause the cars for sale aren’t selling.

Hot Rod Custom Show 2012

Cars and bike for HCS2012 have been loaded into the containers bound for Yokohama.
We are just within a month away from the show.
The layout for the show is complete and we will begin sending out acceptance letters to all the entrants on Sunday (11/11).

この画像はこちら TFMW Facebook Photo
The short period before loading was used for photo sessions.
This image taken can be seen here: TFMW Facebook Photo

The owners were on hand and making sure everything was fine.
It will be three weeks before they are to arrive in Yokohama.

40ftコンテナ 1本はバイク 8台で一杯です。
One 40ft container was filled with with 8 bikes.

この 2台は 2本目に載せます。
Rez の Roadster は MIM#10の撮影後 再ペイントバラバラにし出来たのはこの日の朝だったそうです。
These 2 were loaded into a second container.
The blue Roadster onwed by Rez was featured in MIM#10 then stripped down and completely repainted for the show. It was finished the morning of the loading day.

3本目にはVW2台と バイク1台が載りました。
今回は車4台、バイク9台を 40ftコンテナ3本で送って来る事 になりました。
The 3rd container was for 2 VWs and 1 more bike.
The show is bringing over 4 cars and 9 bikes in three 40ft containers.

2012 SEMA Show

いつも同じ MQQNEYES ブース
黒くて見えませんが今年の新商品は MQQN Racing Wheel (MRW) 18″x7.5″ です。
そして MQQN Fuel Tank が 2012 Hot Rod Magazine の Products “Hall of Fame” に選ばれました。
SEMA 会場で気になったカスタムはと言うと新型 Camaro をベースにした TransAm や GTO が沢山展示されていました。
個人的にはどれも?って感じですが1台、 Challenger ベースの Daytona はまとまっていたと思います。
Shaker Hood も似合っていました。
The MQQNEYES Booth is always familiar at SEMA.
The new MQQN Racing Wheel (MRW) 18″x7.5″ is there in the center of the display but it’s black so you can barely see it.
Also this year, the MQQN Fuel Tank was inducted to the Hot Rod Magazine Products “Hall of Fame”.
Some of the cars that caught my eye at the SEMA event were the many new Camaro based TransAm and GTO on display. On a personal level, any of them were great but the one that really got my attention was the Challenger base Daytona. The Shaker Hood works so well on this one.

そして最後はこのVW風バン、”Car Crazy Showcase International”と呼ばれる所へ行ってみると
色々な国からのカスタムカーに混ざり この車がありました。
And finally, this VW-looking van. It was on display at a section called “Car Crazy International”.
All types of customized cars from various countries.
At first I thought, “Oh, a custom car brought from Japan,” because you see this look a lot. However, it was an entry from China.
They apparently “developed” this over 2 years and now have a patent on it…