2012 SEMA Show

いつも同じ MQQNEYES ブース
黒くて見えませんが今年の新商品は MQQN Racing Wheel (MRW) 18″x7.5″ です。
そして MQQN Fuel Tank が 2012 Hot Rod Magazine の Products “Hall of Fame” に選ばれました。
SEMA 会場で気になったカスタムはと言うと新型 Camaro をベースにした TransAm や GTO が沢山展示されていました。
個人的にはどれも?って感じですが1台、 Challenger ベースの Daytona はまとまっていたと思います。
Shaker Hood も似合っていました。
The MQQNEYES Booth is always familiar at SEMA.
The new MQQN Racing Wheel (MRW) 18″x7.5″ is there in the center of the display but it’s black so you can barely see it.
Also this year, the MQQN Fuel Tank was inducted to the Hot Rod Magazine Products “Hall of Fame”.
Some of the cars that caught my eye at the SEMA event were the many new Camaro based TransAm and GTO on display. On a personal level, any of them were great but the one that really got my attention was the Challenger base Daytona. The Shaker Hood works so well on this one.

そして最後はこのVW風バン、”Car Crazy Showcase International”と呼ばれる所へ行ってみると
色々な国からのカスタムカーに混ざり この車がありました。
And finally, this VW-looking van. It was on display at a section called “Car Crazy International”.
All types of customized cars from various countries.
At first I thought, “Oh, a custom car brought from Japan,” because you see this look a lot. However, it was an entry from China.
They apparently “developed” this over 2 years and now have a patent on it…

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