Levi’s® Vintage Clothing HOT ROD 展示

明日 4/28 (日) ~ 4/30 (火) 東京、 代官山にある Tsutaya Bookstore で
が開催され、 Kid Rocker の Model A が展示されています。

Tomorrow 4/28 (Sun) through 4/30 (Tue) in Tokyo, Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore,
Mooneyes Staff Kid Rocker’s Model A will be on display at the Levi’s Vintage Clothing Hot Rod Exhibit.

HCS2013 Custom Paint Contest 決定。
“Throne Lid Custom Paint Contest”
Throne Lidって何だ?!?
“Toilet Cover Custom Paint Contest” となります。
ちょっと分かり辛く “Throne Lid” と呼ばせて頂きます!!

HCS2013 Custom Paint Contest has been decided.
“Throne Lid Custom Paint Contest”
When you think of King of the Throne, you know you’re thinking of a toilet. This might be a hard concept outside of the USA, like Japan for example. But for a title of a contest, it has a nice sound to it rather than using the word toilet. So it has been decided that this year’s custom paint contest will be fixed on a toilet seat lid/cover! The lid, Throne Lid, is a big area to paint so we believe it will be an epic contest this year!

Joints, Nagoya

MQQNEYES & Dice Magazine Booth
今回は Dice Magazine の Matt, Dean and Michael 達と総数 7台が走って行きました。

MQQNEYES & Dice Magazine Booth
This past weekend, there were 7 of us that rode to Nagoya including Dice Magazine’s Matt, Dean and Michael.

IMG_4614 IMG_4542
裏道的 MQQNEYES Booth

The side path of the MQQNEYES Booth.

Dice Magazine Award の Helmet.

This is Dice Magazine’s Award Helmet.
The winner of this helmet would be extremely happy.

今年の HCS Spotlight Theme of Motorcycle は国産ベースの Chopper です。
この SR が今回 Dice Magazine Award に選ばれました。
こんな感じの素晴らしい Chopper が集まってくれると嬉しいです。

This year’s motorcycle spotlight theme at HCS2013 will be domestic makes. This SR was selected by Dice Magazine as their pick. I will be really happy if these are the types of choppers entered in the spotlight section.

IMG_4486 IMG_4526

IMG_4524 photo-305


Joints の会場から駅を隔てた反対側には 「リニア/鉄道館」 と言う鉄道の博物館があり

As we left the Joints event hall, I noticed the SCMaglev an Railway Park museum located across the street so we went to take a look.


69-el-camino-4403 69-el-camino-4405
久しぶりの Pomona Swap Meet で
見た事ある Flare Fender の 1969 El Camino を発見!

It’s been a while since I went to Pomona Swap Meet and while I was there I ran into this flare fender 1969 Chevy El Camino!

Front Fender には Flames Paint の跡も見えるしエンジンルームには元の Red Paint も見える,

You can see where there used to be flames on the front fenders plus the engine bay is still the previous color red paint.

69-el-camino-4406 69-el-camino-4407
またリアホイールは 12J はあるだろうと思われる凄い Reverse の Cragar S/S と言い

I also remember that same rear wheel, probably 12″ wide at least.

間違いなく 1978年頃 OCIR を走っていた El Camino だ!

I think it’s safe to say without a doubt that this is the same El Camino I took a picture of in 1978 at OCIR! It’s so wonderful to see it survived all these years.
I think the original look back in the ’70s is better! (No rear flare for me please…)

今年のHCSは/For this Year’s HCS…

12月1日(日) に開催される 22nd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2013 の Spotlight Automobile は
’60s Mild Custom “Mild and Wild” USA から Starlite Rod & Kustom の製作した 2台がやって来ます
そして Spotlight Motorcycle は “Timeless Chopper Spectacular, Domestic Models”
日本製バイクをベースにした Chopper が対象です。

On Sunday, December 1 at the 22nd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2013, the Spotlight Automobile theme will be ’60s Mild Custom “Mile and Wild” and from the USA, Starlite Rod & Kustom will bring not one, but 2 of their cars.
Also, the Spotlight Motorcycle them will be “Timeless Chopper Spectacular, Domestic Models” as we announced previously. The target of this spotlight will be Japanese makes and models of the chopper kind. We hope to continue with more new features as time goes on!
I hope you all are looking forward to the show!

hcs2013-mildandwild hcs2013-mc

Event のお知らせ/Event Information

Motorcycle Swap Meet 9月1日(日) お台場
All Odds Nationals 9月8日(日) お台場

If you haven’t heard by now, we made announced the dates for two events coming up this year. It’s a date change when compared to last year, however it’s more like a date confirmation. It’s been confirmed that the following two event dates will be held in Odaiba, Tokyo. Please update your calendars.
Motorcycle Swap Meet: Sept. 1 (Sun) in Odaiba, Tokyo
All Odds Nationals: Sept. 8 (Sun) in Odaiba, Tokyo

ところが 9月1日(日) はモテギで開催される Super American Sunday と被ってしまいました。
そして 9月1日(日) MOONEYES Area-1 の Sidewalk Sale もあります。
またこの週には東京ビックサイトで Gift Show も開催されます。
Busy week です。

While on the topic of events, on Sept. 1 (Sun) the Super American Sunday event held in Motegi is happening on the same day as the Motorcycle Swap Meet and in Honmoku at MOONEYES Area-1 we are also having our Sidewalk Sale. There is Gift Show going on in Odaiba that same weekend at Tokyo Big Site. It’s going to be a very busy week.

ところで最近 街でよく見るようになった Fiat 500, Trim Ring, Speed Master Wheel and MOON Disc
By the way, I’ve recently seen an increase of Fiat 500 models on the streets. Trim rings, Speed Master Wheels or MOON Discs all match it very well.

Trim Ring を履いています。
欧州車に? なんて思ってはいけません。 いい感じです。
This one has trim rings on black stock wheels.
European car? Don’t think about that. It still looks great.

こちらは MOONEYES Area-1 Super Manager 成田君の Fiat.
Speed Master Wheels、 似合っています。
Speed Master Wheels look really good with this car.

MOON Disc は車種をといません。 
永遠の MOON Disc です。 かっこいい。
MOON Discs are not model specific. They fit as long as it’s the correct size. The immortal MOON Disc. Looks great.

New Book

友人の Cory Lee が作った本です。
Drag Racing Collectibles 良い本です。

My friend Cory Lee made a new book.
Drag Racing Collectibles is the title and it’s a great book.

横浜の裏道を歩いていたら「エリア 1」と言うお店がありました。

On a side topic, while I was walking down the backstreets of Yokohama, I saw this place called “Area-1”.

Moon Cafe Italy App (アプリ)

MQQN Cafe Italy の iPhone用アプリが出来ました。
Freeです。iTunes からダウンロードできます。
MOONEYES USA, MOONEYES Japan へも皆様をお誘いします。

MQQN Cafe Italy just released their very own iPhone app.
It’s free from iTunes.
I hope everyone from MOONEYES USA and MOONEYES Japan that has an iPhone to download it and try it out.

mooncafeitalyapp mooncafeitalyapp2

California Driver License Renewal

California Driver License (運転免許証) の更新でした。
5年に一度の更新ですが過去 2回は郵送されて来た書類にサインをし Fee を同封して送り返せば新しい免許証が郵送されて来たのですが、 今回は15年目になるので DMV (免許試験所) に行き、 目の検査、 指紋採取と写真の撮り直しをする必要がありました。

Renewed my California Driver’s License.
It needs to be renewed every 5 years but the past 2 times, I have received the paperwork in the mail, signed it, enclosed it with the fee and sent it back to get it renewed. Had this license for 15 years now but this time I had to go to the DMV, give fingerprints, update my photo and take a vision test.

同じ写真を 15年使っていたのですから 15年間でまったく容姿が代わってしまう人もいると思います。
髪の色を書く所がありますが 10年前は BLK (黒) だったのが今回は GRY になってしまいました。
15年経てば 43歳の人が 58歳になるのですから写真の撮り直しは必要ですね。

It’s been 15 years now with the same photo. I’m sure there are people that completely change within 15 years. In the space for my hair color, 10 years ago it was BLK (Black) but now it is GRY. In a 15 year span, someone can be 43 and then be 58. I think the photo should be retaken too.