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海外では MQQN Cafe Italy が主催する 
4th Annual MQQN Cafe Italy AUTO E MOTO VECCHIE REUNION が6/29&30(土日)で開催されます。
その Weekend はベルギーのシメイでは 2nd European Hot Rod Custom Show が開催されますし
Southern California では Born Free #6 (BF6) も開催されます。
初めのウチは金曜日にベルギーへ行って土曜日移動し日曜は California の BF6 になんて無謀な計画を経てていましたが
MQQN Cafe Italy のイベントが最近決定したのでそれではベルギーとイタリアにしようかなんて思っています。
本当はこの 3つのイベントは全部行かなければならないのですが全部は無理です。

The cold weather will last just a little bit longer.
It’s been a bitter cold winter this year.
The car show season will be in full effect by April.
Overseas, MQQN Cafe Italy will host their 4th Annual MQQN Cafe Italy AUTO E MOTO VECCHIE Reunion on June 28-29 (Sat/Sun) in Jesolo Beach, Italy.

On that same weekend in Chimay, Belgium is the 2nd European Hot Rod Custom Show taking place and over in Southern California (the same weekend) is Born Free #6 (BF6). Initially I had planned to fly to Belgium on Friday, travel back to the US on Saturday and attend BF6 on Sunday. However, that was just too reckless.
Having just recently heard the date was set for MQQN Cafe Italy Reunion, I think it will be more realistic to attend the Belgium and Italy events.
I should be attending all three events but that is just impossible.
This is a slight problem.

bf6-poster chimayshow2014 mooncafeitaly2014

Born Free 6: http://bornfreeshow.com/
2nd European Hot Rod & Custom Show: http://www.hotrodshow.eu/
MQQN Cafe Italy https://twitter.com/MQQNCAFEITALY

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