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今週末 (土日) はパシフィコ横浜でノスタルジック2Days (10:00~17:00) です。
土曜日は MQQNEYES Staff の松井君 & Pan角君が
日曜日は Gin前田君 & 松井君が現地に居ます。
1962 Crown 涙テール Sedan と Wagon を展示予定です。

This weekend (Sat/Sun) at Pacifico Yokohama is the Nostalgic 2 Days event (10:00-17:00).
On Saturday, MQQNEYES Staff Matsui & Pan Sumi will be there.
And on Sunday, Gin Maeda & Matsui will be there helping out.
We will have a 1962 Crown NAMIDA Tail (teardrop tail light) Sedan and Wagon on display.
If you are there, please drop in at our booth and say hello.

また日曜日は MQQNEYES Area-1 前で Sidewalk Sale (SWS) を開催です。
Rain or Shine (雨天決行)。
Wildman の Pinstripe もあります。

今週末は 横浜で過ごしましょう!

Also on Sunday in front of MQQNEYES Area-1 will be our Sidewalk Sale (SWS).
There will be tons of items on sale.
Rain or shine, come on down.
Wildman will be pinstriping too.

Head on down to Yokohama this weekend!

Robert Williams Art Show

robert-williams-1 robert-williams-2
The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs & Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Park presents:
Slang Aesthetics! Robt. Williams Art Show
Curated by Andrew Hosner (Thinkspace) & Gary Pressman (Copro Gallery)

ギャラリーは 2月22日から4月19日
Exhibition (gallery) February 22 through April 19, 2015

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park
4800 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

時間: 木曜日〜日曜日 12PM-5PM
入場料: FREE (無料)


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旧車用 Automatic Light Control(自動ライトスイッチ)

そこでMQQN Garageが製作したのが “Automatic Light Control” です。

Being used to driving newer cars today, you develop the habit of forgetting to turn off your headlights when you drive an old car.
Now, there’s a special product by MQQN Garage called, “Automatic Light Control” and it’s specifically for old cars, making them more like new ones.
When you go into a tunnel, the headlights will come on automatically. When you turn the key off, the lights will also turn off. Very convenient equipment to have.
It’s still a prototype right now but the final product will be superb.
If you are interested, please be sure to let us know.

1970 Crown HTに装着する為 再度作り直されたControllerです。
Redesigned the prototype box for the HT Crown Light Controller to make it easier for installation and removal.

The light controller is functional.

夜 Test Driveがてら帰宅しましたが大変調子が良いです。
In order to test the Automatic Light Controller, I drove the HT Crown home.
The system works great.

MQQNEYES Funny Car T-shirt

2015 Winternationals Jim Dunn Racing / MQQNEYES Funny Car T-shirt 発売開始
Designed by “SSS” Sugi Sack

#TM663BK Mens サイズ: S~XL 3,800 yen/ea
#TMC663BK Kids サイズ: S~L 2,800 yen/ea

Mens and Kids共、Hero Card & Decal付きです。

The 2015 Winternationals Jim Dunn Racing / MQQNEYES Funny Car T-shirt is on sale now. Designed by “SSS” Sugi Sack.

#TM663BK Adult Size: S-XL (3,800yen each)
#TMC663BK Kids Size: S-L (2,800yen each)

Men and Kids sizes available. Each T-shirt comes with a Hero Card and decal.


Print on the back

Front 左胸

Print on the front left chest

Hero Card 裏

Hero Card (back)

Hero Card 表

Hero Card (front)


Commemorative sticker

NHRA Winternationals

先週の Pomona です。
今シーズンから New Driver として Nostalgia Funny Car Driver の John Hale を Team は迎えました。
John に取っては 7,000馬力 4秒台の Funny Car は初めての経験でした。
次に MQQNEYES Funny Car が走るのは 11月に Pomona, CA で開催される World Final です。

Last week in Pomona.
The new season brought a new driver to the team. Nostalgia Funny Car driver John Hale.
For John, this is his first time behind a 7,000hp 4-second Funny Car.
The next MQQNEYES Funny Car to run will be during the World Finals in Pomona, CA this November.

P2090155 dsc_0241
10983403 1096021
Crew Shirt も Pants も All White.
Crew は大変だったと思います。

The Crew shirt and pants was all white.
It must have been difficult for the crew to stay clean.

4.193sec 予選 13位で通過。

4.193sec pass resulted in 13th place.

Qualifying round: (see MOONEYES at 3:40)

1095854 1013648
ごちゃごちゃしたカラーが多い中、White Car and Uniform はシンプルで好印象でした。

Among all the colorful mixtures of other teams, the white car and uniform was simple and made a good impression.

1098340 P2100496
日曜日 Elimination 1回戦目、対戦相手は 4.027/308mph で予選 4位の Cruz Pedregon.
何と, Cruz、Tire Smokeで敗退, John Hale – Jim Dunn Racing は 2回戦進出。
2回戦目の相手は昨年の Champion Matt Hagen, John Hale は Red Light (フライング) でアウト。

During Sunday’s 1st run elimination, the opposing car driving by Cruz Pedregon qualified at 4.027/308mph for a 4th place rank.
However, Cruz smoked the tires allowing John Hale – Jim Dunn Racing to advance to the 2nd round.
During the 2nd round, the opponent was last year’s champion Matt Hagen. John Hale fouled out by a red light, losing the 2nd round.

Elimination 1st round: (see MOONEYES at 4:10)

Elimination 2nd round: (see MOONEYES at 7:30)

勝ったチーム、 2回戦に向け調整があるので Return Road を戻るスピードも早い。

The winning team, advances the the next match so event the speed on the return road is fast.


2回戦敗退ではありますが 日曜日、 Elimination 前に記念撮影。
Team は White の Nostalgia Uniform で “Best Appearing Crew Award” に選ばれました。
分かり易く言うとベストドレッサー賞? そんな感じです。
1992 Kenji が Indy でデビューした時、この Award を頂きました。
この Award ってルーキードライバーが初戦で予選通過しなかったチームが良く貰う
今回は予選通過してこの Award ですから例外もある様です。
Kenji は? 初戦の Indy では予選落ちでした。

Although we lost in the 2nd round on Sunday, we took a team photo before the elimination.
The team’s white nostalgia uniform earned them an award for “Best Appearing Crew”.
It’s similar to being awarded for best dressed.
In 1992, when Kenji Okazaki made his debut at Indy, they received this same award.
This award is also commonly awarded to the team of rookie drivers that didn’t get passed the qualifying round (DNQ). I always thought it was a consolation prize of sorts. But, the team did make it passed the qualifying round and still received the award so maybe there’s an exception.
Kenji? Yes, he did not qualify (DNQ) at Indy.

P2100437 1067554

Nitro Funny Car の音に思わず耳をふさぐ図です。

This shows how people unintentionally protect their ears from the sound of the Nitro Funny Cars.

皆 車の行方を追っています。

Everyone basically follows the direction of the car.

コースの外側 一般道路にある入り口(閉鎖中)に駐車しレース観戦の LA County Fire Dept の方々。

The LA County Fire Dept was parked outside of the course near an entrance on a closed road watching the races.

Fire Fighters, 特等席から写真撮っています。

From their special seats, the fire fighters were getting good pictures.

Vega on the FWY

FWY10 を西に向かって走っていると後ろから Vega が走ってきた。
Tire も細く、見たところ Stock の様な感じだけど
何となく 4気筒と言う感じじゃない。
何とも微妙な Vega。
笑うなよ、 何時か君らも経験するから。

As I was heading west on FWY10, I noticed a Vega approaching from behind.
The tires looked thin, so initially I thought it was all stock, perhaps just a basic 4-cylinder. It wasn’t super clean but wasn’t junk either.
It was hard to tell what kind of Vega to call it.
I wanted to get a good photo of it so I tried to set my camera up but at my age, the car kept swerving left and right. Trying to do too much at once, it was hard to keep the car straight. Don’t laugh, I’m sure you will experience the same when you are older.

写真に写っている廻りの車達とはまったく違う自分だけの世界を持った Vega

The Vega shown in the photo is in its own world and doesn’t match with the other cars around it.

しかし、ちらっと黄色い Traction Bars が。。。
Driver は Vega Pro Stock “Grumpy’s Toy” の Owner & Driver, Bill Jenkins に何となく似てる。

However, peaking out are yellow traction bars…
The driver of this car even looked somewhat like the Vega Pro Stock “Grumpy’s Toy” owner and driver Bill Jenkins.
Well, at this distance some what.

Wow, Wow, Dual Exhausts and Traction Bars!
見た感じ、 Missing Parts は無さそうだし、 Body もそんなに悪くはなさそう。

Wow, Wow, Dual Exhausts and Traction Bars!
From what I saw, it wasn’t missing any parts either and the body looked to be in good shape.

Rear End も違えば Sway bar まで付いて、 まさに Sleeper!
極めつけは Blue Plate, いいね~。
Vega Collector の友人に勧めてみましょ。

The rear end was different and had a sway bar. It’s a sleeper!
With a blue plate it looked so cool.
I’ll have to recommend this to my Vega collector friend.

White MQQN


今週末は White MQQN.
’60s Traditional ユニフォームで挑む Winternationals.
今晩の羽田発 LAX便に乗れば日曜日の Elimination に間に合いますよ!

This weekend will have a White MQQN.
They will charge the Winternationals in ’60s traditional uniforms.
If you jump on a plane from Haneda airport tonight, you can arrive in LAX and make it to the elimination round by Sunday!


NHRA Winternationals

今週末はNHRA Winternationals です。
Good Ol’ Days LQQK、14年ぶりの White Body Funny Carです。
Funny Car Body and Funny Car T-shirt are designed by “SSS” Sugi-Sack.

This weekend in Pomona, Ca is the NHRA Winternationals.
Good Ol’ Days LQQK, it’s been about 14 years since we ran a white body Funny Car.
Funny Car Body and Funny Car T-shirt are designed by “SSS” Sugi-Sack.

Hero Card の表

Hero Card front cover

Hero Card の裏面、どっちが表でも裏でも同じですが。

Other side of the Hero Card. Which is actually the front or back is the same.

Race Track で販売の 2015 Jim Dunn Racing / MQQNEYES Funny Car T-shirt

On sale at the race track is the 2015 Jim Dunn Racing / MQQNEYES Funny Car T-shirt.

Front 左胸のプリント

Print on the front left chest.