Pre Party of Born Free 7

Irvine, CA で Street Chopper Magazine 主催の Pre Party が開催され
週末に行われる Born Free Show に Invited Builder が製作した Bike が展示されました。
奇抜なのもあれば奇麗なのもあり、 So Cal を中心にしたこのイベントの盛り上がりを感じました。

Street Chopper Magazine sponsored a pre party in In Irvine, CA.
Heading for the show this weekend, the Born Free Show invited builders’ bikes were also on display. There was a bit of everything to see from unique ideas to superb quality builds, trends started in So Cal, and you could really feel the excitement about this event.

preparty-bf7-02 preparty-bf7-79

preparty-bf7-81 preparty-bf7-82

preparty-bf7-86 preparty-bf7-88

preparty-bf7-89 preparty-bf7-91

preparty-bf7-12 preparty-bf7-06

preparty-bf7-13 preparty-bf7-16

LA Roadster Show 2015

51st LA Roadster Show

主催者の高齢化が進むこのイベントは 朝7時に始まり、午後4時 (16時) に終了。
マレーシアは10時~18時, インドネシアは10時~22時、
スエーデンは9時~ 何と翌朝の2時頃(北欧の夏は陽が沈まないので何時までも出来ます).
HCSは9時~17時ですが 今年から 朝8時スタート に変更しようか思案中です。

Possibly because of the aging population of the organizer, the event begins at 7am and ends at 4pm. However, I am thankful the event does end early.
In Malaysia the event was from 10am to 6pm and Indonesia it’s 10am to 10pm.
While attending an event in Sweden, that one started at 9am and ended at 2am (the sun doesn’t go down in some parts of Scandinavia during the summer).
HCS is from 9am to 5pm but I’m considering whether or not to start at 8am instead.

laroadstershow-52 laroadstershow-73

Genuine MQQN Pocket Ashtray

USA 出張に同行中の “Pan” Sumi-kun が Machine Shop に飛び込んで来て
「MQQN Tank の携帯灰皿が欲しい」 と言い出し、
それならと Tim and Chico が何と Pan-kun の願いを叶えてくれたのです。
この間僅か 1時間と言う早さでした。

Here together on a USA Trip from Japan is “Pan” Sumi. He came flying into the machine shop saying, “I want a MQQN Tank pocket ashtray.”
Then Tim and Chico listened to his request and decided to make one.
It took about one hour to produce.


Planning and reviewing

筒はその辺に転がっていた物をべースに MQQN Oil Tank に使う Cap & Bung を溶接する事に決定。

They found a spare tube part to use as the base, then decided to weld on a Cap & Bung that’s used on our MQQN Oil Tank.

Tim が底の部分を製作中

Tim working on the bottom part of the tube.

溶接中の Tim

Tim welding it together.

出来上がった物に MQQN Aluminum Products の特徴の一つ、 “Sun Ray Finish” を施しています。

This is the finished MQQN Aluminum Product. They also gave it our “Sun Ray Finish”.


Cap が筒より大きかったので同じ大きさに削り完成です。
ステッカーは取り敢えず “Breather” のを貼りました。

The cap was initially too big for the tube body so it was shaved down to match. We added a sticker to make it official using our “Breather” label.

Genuine MQQN Pocket Ashtray の完成です。

Genuine MQQN Pocket Ashtray is complete.
For the time being, this is just a prototype.

Okinawa, Keystone of the Pacific

どことなく Aloha Airlines の様な南西航空 (South West Airlines)

Although it was just for one night, I headed for Okinawa just as the rainy season started here in Japan but as I arrived at the airport, it was above 30-degrees C (mid 80-degree F) just like summer.
Somehow the look of this Southwest Airlines plane reminded me of Aloha Airlines.

okinawa-795 okinawa-121
沖縄と言えばここ、”Sam’s Anchor Inn”

When you come to Okinawa, you have to visit “Sam’s Anchor Inn”.
This place was established in 1962.

okinawa-125 okinawa-127

As you make your way up the staircase covered in business cards.

沖縄プレート、昔は Black プレートが飾れていましたが今回は黄色でした。

Old Okinawa plates. A long time ago they had a black plate here but this time it was yellow.


Teppanyaki style dining.

okinawa-780 okinawa-792

okinawa-779 okinawa-141
容器付きのトロピカルドリンク、勿論 全種類欲しかったのですがシーサーは品切れ中でした。

Tropical drinks with special containers. Of course, I wanted them all but the Okinawa Shisa was sold out.

okinawa-131 okinawa-133


A quick stop at the local market.


Art of Speed Malaysia 2015

6/4(木)羽田発の Air Asia (LCC) 深夜便で Kuala Lumpur (クアラルンプール) で開催される
4回目となる “Art of Speed Malaysia 2015” へ Wildman and Steve と参加してきました。
日中はとにかく暑い、 暑いイベントだったのですが今年からインドアイベントとなり
今までの Meeting 的イベントから今年は大きく飛躍し “ショー” と呼べるしっかりした内容になった
この Event を切り盛りする Deni & Asep 夫妻に Hat Off です。

Wildman, Steven and I flew out of Haneda Airport on 6/4 (Thu) and caught a red-eye flight to Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia (LCC) to take part in the 4th annual “Art of Speed Malaysia 2015” event there.
The past 2 times that I went, the majority of the event was held outside. It goes without saying, it was hot. A very hot event. However, this year it was held indoors and the hall was completely air conditioned and pleasant all day which completely evolved the event to a new level.
Where previously the event felt more like a cruise or meeting, this year was without a doubt a high quality “SHOW” and my hat goes off to Deni & Asep for organizing this event.

内容は全体的にバイクの質は高いですが 車はクビをかしげる様な仕様が多く、
結局 MQQNEYES Award は 1965 VW T-1 と 2年続けて VW T-1 となりました。
VW は全体的に質が高く良かったです。
全世界的にVWの質が高いのはやはり Flat-4 マジックだと思います。
車のカスタムはアジアでは始まったばかりですから 時間を掛けて変わって行ってくれたらと思います。
しかし、 今やこのカルチャーは大なり小なり世界中にあります。
10月 は Indonesia で “Kustom Fest” が開催されます。

As for the contents of the show overall, a majority of the bikes were high quality builds but the cars in my opinion were a bit confusing to judge. In the end, the MQQNEYES Award with to a 1965 VW Type1. The award last year went to a VW T-1 as well. I liked the high quality of the VWs on the whole.
Possibly, this level in quality for VWs worldwide has been set by Flat-4 magic.
I hope the other cars will come around and raise their level as well. The custom car scene in Asia is relatively new and will change over time I think. However, the fact is that this culture right now is more or less literally worldwide. That alone is an amazing thing.
Coming up in October is “Kustom Fest” in Indonesia.

Art of Speed Malaysia 2015

01 IMG_0525
Lawson and Mervyn のブース、 Display も凝ってます。
HCS から影響されたとの事でした。

Lawson and Mervyn’s booth and display.
They said that HCS as a big influence for this.

02 DSC_0261
Rat Rod でしょか? ベースは Mini です。

Is this possibly a Rat Rod? Base car is a Mini.
It’s difficult to judge.

03 DSC_0268
こちらは Volvo

This is a Volvo.

04 DSC_0362
Datsun 620 ベースの Rat Rod
Air Sus が入っていたりでかなり手はこんでいます。

Here’s a Datsun 620 base Rat Rod.
It’s Air Sus equipped and has been touched just about everywhere.

05 DSC_0366

I’m having a bit of trouble coming up with a comment.

06 DSC_0432
強烈です。 こちらは言葉もありません。

Intense. No words either here.

07 IMG_0628 08 IMG_0631
2 days Event で 日曜日のライドイン風景です。
Nash はまさかのゲストカーとして愛車に乗って登場です。
手を振るのは Pumpin Sally の Shorty 佐藤さん。

This was the ride-in scene which was on the second day of the 2-day event. The Nash and his beloved car made their way into the hall as it was an invited guest. That’s Shorty from Pumpkin Sally waving his hand.

09 IMG_0632 21 DSC_1088
自分の Triumph でライドインしているこの方はマレーシアの Minister (大臣) だそうです。
その両側に立つ方々はこのイベントの主催者の Deni & Asep 夫妻。

The Youth Minister of Malaysia was part of the ride-in on his own custom Triumph motorcycle. The next photo is during the event of the minister with Deni & Asep.

10 IMG_0633 11 DSC_0941
Salt Laks City で Pangea Speed を経営している USA ゲストの Andy Carter.

An invited guest from USA, Andy Carter from Pangea Speed located in Salt Lake City, UT.

12 IMG_0634 13 DSC_0942
Noise Cycles の Scott T-bone Jones は Honda でライドイン。

Also, Scott T-bone Jones of Noise Cycles from Santa Ana, CA was there too.
I just recently saw him in Switzerland as well.

14 IMG_0636 15 DSC_0949
日本からのゲストは (広島) 平和モーターサイクル の Kengo Kimuraさん。

Guests from Japan included Kengo Kimura from Heiwa Motorcycle in Hiroshima.

16 IMG_0638 17 DSC_0962
もう一人のゲストは (京都) Luck Motorcycles の Masa Sugiharaさん

Another guest was Masa Sugihara from Luck Motorcycles in Kyoto.

18 IMG_0650 19 IMG_0651

20 IMG_0659
Team Nash

22 DSC_1481 23 DSC_1483
Copy 品を発見!!
“Approved = 承認” 私が承認したのでこれだけは正規品になりました。

Bootleg (copy) found!!
I signed it and wrote “Approved” so now this one shirt only is fine.

24 DSC_1497 25 DSC_1498 26 DSC_1499
これも強烈な Copy 品!! こちらもついでに承認しました。

This shirt too was a bootleg (copy)!! I also signed it like the one above.

27 DSC_1552
こちらは Copy 品ではありません。 新製品の Helmet Tote, ヘルメットバックです。

This is not a copy. It’s a new item, Helmet Tote Bog.

MOON Helmet Tote [NM082YE]
Price: 3,900Yen (plus tax)
Japanese: http://www.mooneyesshop.jp/product/8770
English: http://www.mooneyes.jp/product/8432

28 DSC_1748

The crowd of people during the award presentation on stage.
The entire crowd was excited.

29 DSC_1983 30 DSC_2079
MQQNEYES Pick はコタバル (Kota Bharu) から 500km を自走して来た、
Zat Asyaff Takiyuddinさんの 1965 VW T-1 に渡りました。
昨年に続いて今年も VW になりました。
出展のバイクは良い感じの多いのですが 車はキワ物が多く、 困りました。
車は “変” にするのが流行ってしまっているのでしょうか?

MQQNEYES Pick went to this 1965 VW T-1 owned by Zat Asyaff Takiyuddin from Kota Bharu (close to the Thailand border). He drove with his fellow VW group drove 500km (310 miles). Last year the award went to a VW as well. There were many bikes on display that were very well built and presented however the cars seemed to be hit or miss which made it difficult. Is it popular right now to have a “strange” type of car?

31 IMG_1747 32 IMG_1750
Vintage MQQN 物が人気でした。
どうやって手に入れたのか AON の Tシャツや
Sugi-Sack デザインのジャケットも売られていました。

Vintage MQQN items are very popular.
How do they manage to find these? An AON event shirt as well.
There was also an old Sugi-Sack designed jacket for sale.

33 IMG_0733
月曜日は 主催者の Deni & Asep が経営する Shop の Grand Opening でした。

On Monday, the event organizers Deni & Asep had a grand opening for their shop.

34 IMG_0713

35 DSC_2456
Grand Opening 祝いの Special MQQN Disc

We presented them with a special grand opening MQQN Disc.

36 DSC_2463
Team Nash + Wildman

37 IMG_0734

38 DSC_2514
Team Nash and others

Wildman’s Blog にも Art of Speed 2015 記事あります。

Wildman also posted about Art of Speed 2015 on his blog.

Malaysia Trip

DSC_1314 DSC_1747 DSC_2079

Went to Malaysia last weekend. This Saturday I will post more about the trip.
Please view again Saturday!


今年 2015年、1955年は生まれは全員、還暦(60歳)です。

This year (2015), everyone born in 1955 will turn 60, celebrating Kanreki.
I received a lot of message and congratulations from many people.
Thank you very much.
I’m hoping to at least see 12 more summers.
That said, just 12 more summers…

Here in Japan (among other Asian countries), turning 60 is a milestone age when one reaches their full cycle according to the ancient lunar calendar. Turning 60 is called Kanreki in Japanese. Reaching a full cycle, similar to a full minute, the clock starts again from the beginning. This is where the color red comes in. Starting a new cycle in life, like a newborn. AKACHAN in Japanese is “baby” which is based on AKA, Japanese for the color red. Red is the theme color for celebrating Kanreki.


It was a big surprise.

MQQNEYES goes Red!

kanreki_751 kanreki_132


Fresh wreath (bay laurel)

kanreki_135 kanreki_136

kanreki_137 kanreki_603

現代的は Red Cap は良いですね。

Instead of a traditional top, I received a cool red cap.

コチラは My daughter からです。

This top was from my daughter.

こちらは Chico のお母様は Chico様に作った物をお借りしました。

This top and vest was made by Chico’s wife for Chico’s Kanreki. I borrowed it for the photo.

Street Rod Nationals Plus in Chiba

Cougar と T-bird で千葉へ Go!

chiba-01 chiba-02