Born Free 7

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先週末の Born Free 7 Show で選ばれた “Best Invited Builder Award” の Oliver Jones と
“Best in Show Award” の Ryan Grossman が HCS2015 Guest として来日します。

Last weekend, two winners from the Born Free 7 Show were selected and will be coming to Japan for HCS2015. They are “Best Invited Builder Award” Oliver Jones and “Best in Show Award” Ryan Grossman.

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“Best Invited Builder Award” とは 毎年主催者がビルダーを選び、それぞれがショーまでに
カスタムバイクを製作し その完成度を競うと言う企画です。
今回招待された 23台のバイクビルダーそれぞれが自分を除くバイクに点数を付け
MQQNEYES Pick はこの賞に副賞とし用意されています。

The “Best Invited Builder Award” is selected among the invited builders each year. They build, from the ground up, complete show bikes specifically for the show.
This year there were 23 builders. Each builder selected three of their favorite builds excluding their own. Those points are added up and the builder with the most points is selected as the winner.
MQQNEYES Pick award is added to this as an extra bonus.

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こちらは “Best in The Show Award”、 主催者が ”Best Invited Builder” 以外、会場に居る全てのバイクから選ぶ賞です。

This is the “Best in Show Award” which is selected by the event promoters from the entire show area excluding the invited builders and “Best Invited Builder” which is selected a day before.

転んだのでは無くて、”Best in Show Award” が取れてひっくり返って喜びを表現する Winnerです。

He didn’t trip and fall on stage. The “Best in Show Award” winner was literally overjoyed and floored for being chosen.

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“Best Bike in the Show Award”

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“Quicksilver” は 1960年に作られた Drag/Show Bike です。
有名ビルダーの Dean Lanza が作った 1948年 H-D Panhead、 オイルシステムは全てフレームのパイプに通るものです。 13年間ショーサーキットに回り、 いろんなアワードを集まりました。 オーナーの Ryan Grossman がフレームを見つかり、 時代のチョッパーマガジンから調べて、 そのままの状態で完成したことです。

“Quicksilver” is a drag/show bike originally built in 1960 by famous builder Dean Lanza. It is a 1948 dual carb H-D Panhead with the oil system running inside the frame. The quicksilver campaigned on the show circuit for 13 years winning multiple awards and was featured in many chopper magazines. Owner Ryan Grossman started with just the frame and rebuilt the show bike, as is, to it’s complete form referencing old chopper magazine articles.


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